Best 7 WordPress Themes for Beaver Builder

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for Beaver Builder, page builder plugin? You are in the right place to pick an ideal theme to make your site visually appealing.

WordPress page builder plugins are coming to minimize the website creation time and achieve more functionality to the web pages. Many page builders are available to customize your website faster and elegantly with a drag and drop function. The page builder does this without touching a single line of code.

WordPress page builders have many advantages in website creation, such as a simple drag and drop interface, Various page layouts, and excellent customization modules. These functions make web page design quicker in WordPress.

Why Beaver Builder for Web Page Design?

Beaver Builder has clean code with CSS, PHP, HTML, and JS customizing Platform. It uses Templates, Rows, and Modules for quicker web page design. In addition, it uses a custom font, custom post types, and shortcode options in its editor.

By using the layout templates, we can import any prebuilt web pages templates to our website. The Rows are used to create quicker layout templates. The modules are similar to WordPress widgets in pages design and customization. 

Beaver Builder has several modules for media, call to action, layout, info, Posts, and basic module like HTML, buttons, separator, etc.

In Rows, we can add lead generation, pricing tables, headers, FAQ section, features, Call to action and Page content, etc. So we can achieve quicker design and customization using ROWs and MODULEs in Beaver builder.

All these options are used with a simple drag and drop method with a front-end editor. The beaver builder uses client editor mode to perform module customization. 

Top WordPress Themes for Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder has a simple interface to work with WordPress themes and its admin area to customize the web page, and members are for client operation. So it is the developer-friendly page builder to create pages in a minute.

We will discuss the best suitable WordPress themes with beaver builder for customization and achieve a unique design for the web pages.

1. Beaver Builder Theme

It is one of the best WordPress theme frameworks available with beaver builder. It is suitable to achieve any web page design in business websites and WooCommerce websites. It is a codeless and developer-friendly framework for WordPress users.

It uses the bootstrap framework as its CSS. So we can have the clean CSS code in your web page design. In addition, we can use the beaver builder theme in unlimited websites with fully compatible page builder plugin integration. Other features of the Beaver Builder theme

  • It Uses global fonts for the websites.
  • It uses responsive designs, Custom shortcodes, custom JavaScripts and Custom module saver for easier web page customization.
  • It uses custom action and hooks filter for layout customization for client editing. It also has user access with work saver functionality.
  • Fully SEO optimized clean source code with assist plugins.
  • We can customize the header and footer as per our requirements.
  • Build eCommerce websites and its templates quicker using WooCommerce and Beaver page builder plugin.
  • It has good community support with 30 days money-back guarantee.

2. WP Astra Theme

WP Astra is one of the best WordPress themes available in the market for faster page loading. It is the lightweight and fastest theme with fully customizable. Of course, every fully customizable theme must have page builder integration within it.

It is one of the best WordPress themes for Beaver Builder to create a stunning web page design. It is fully compatible with the source code while disabling the plugin. WP Astra has several pre-made starter templates for quicker website creation. These templates can be customized using beaver builder using its modules and Rows.

WP Astra is made for pages builders. Beaver Builder works well with Astra theme, especially with WooCommere websites. We can easily add pricing tables and features for comparisons with other product pages using Rows in Beaver Builders.

buy Latuda online us Other Features of WP Astra Theme

  • It has to Learn dash integration for online courses to customize membership page templates easily with beaver builder.
  • For customization, it has many options like header, layout, and blog pages templates.
  • Global typography settings are available to achieve an awesome look to the web pages
  • Astra also has other page builder support like Elementor, Gutenberg. 
  • WP Astra has Yoast integration for good SEO optimization as well.

3. GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress is a free open source theme created to achieve good page speed, Usability, and Accessibility. The lightweight theme is just a 7.5kb page size with just two HTTP requests for faster response.

GenratePress offers a premium theme with block-based theme building with many customization control and Starter sites to get the elegant style to your website. GeneratePress is one of the best themes for beaver builders by its customization options and speed.

It has many customization options such as menu, widgets, layouts, colors and typography, the home page, and WooCommerce for Beaver builder page design.

Using these options with modules and Rows available in beaver builder, we can create any design at a minute much higher speed.

Other features of GeneratePress

  • Block-based theme builder used for theme design so we can easily import modules by drag and drop method.
  • The fastest theme is specially designed for page builders.
  • It has WooCommerce integration; by using Beaver builder, we can achieve the layout whichever we want.
  • Best SEO optimized theme with clean source code.
  • Premium support for one year we can use it for 500 sites.

4. Neve WordPress Theme

Neve is the best WordPress theme with mobile-first compatibility with AMP (accelerated mobile pages). The Neve provides Beaver page builder support to access many website building and customization to create awesome websites.

Neve has layout controls options with fullwidth and contained options for customizing header, footer, and even WooCommerce websites using Booster add-ons. Although Neve uses Beaver builder to customize web pages, it also has 80+ starter websites ready to import and customize.

We can also add rows and modules to the Neve theme’s custom layout and page design using the beaver builder.

Other Features of Neve Theme

  • White label for agency branding in websites designs.
  • 1 click rollback option is good for revert back to the older version of the theme and design.
  • Safe and fastest updates with eyepatch assistance
  • Fully optimized schema markup for SEO
  • No jQuery is used in the source code for good page speed.

5. OceanWP Theme

OceanWP theme provides good customization options with many extensions, features, and customization options with page builder plugin support. In addition, OceanWP has Beaver builder for customization and page layout design with its templates, Rows, and modules options.

The drag and drop function is used in the beaver builder to achieve any part of the theme design easier with Ocean WP customization options and WooCommerce integration.

We can design custom pages using the header and footer section with global customization and usage. In-Page layout, we can enable and disable sections using beaver builder. We can add a new section to the page layout with Rows and modules.

Other Features of OceanWP Theme

  • Many customizable header styles 
  • Top navigation bar with header section like social, contacts with different menu styles
  • WooCommerce integration and number of custom page designs with canvas, filters, multi-step checkout in its operations.
  • Extensions like Woo popup, sticky header, elementor widgets, beaver builder rows and modules etc.
  • 130+ starter templates with customization options.

6. Hestia Pro Theme 

It is the One-page WordPress theme for business websites with page builder integration to achieve custom designs. In addition, it has WooCommerce integration and Slick material design. We can do all the works with a customizer.

The beaver builder is the best choice for custom page design for business websites using Hestia customizing features and options. It is one among the excellent WordPress themes for Beaver Builder page builder.

Every business websites need services, features, pricing section in its home page layout. Beaver builder’s rows are suitable for achieving these designs much faster than other page builders.

Other Features of Hestia Pro Theme

  • It has several starter templates for easy to import designs faster.
  • Slider and video header provides a different feel to your business along with its brand values
  • The fully customizable home pages sections like services, features, products to the business websites
  • Clean SEO friendly code architecture is optimized for speed as well.

7. Blocksy Theme

Blocksy WordPress theme comes up with fully customizable options with faster page loading. Its customizable option provides Beaver page builder integration as well. In addition, it has many starter sites for easy to import design for the web pages.

Beaver builder uses its modules and rows to customize web pages. Also, blocksy has layouts, header, footer, and sidebar options for customizing a webpage. In addition, it has nine header elements for customization and an advanced mobile header.

It uses a global colour palette, typography styles, and five different archive page layouts for customization. The Beaver builder modules and rows will be helpful to customize the archive page templates in a Blocksy theme.

Other Features of Blocksy Theme

  • It uses Gutenberg blocks such as media, list, column, and gallery to customise web pages with four different layouts.
  • Blocksy has WooCommerce integration with many layouts available for customization of its pages.
  • It uses Webpack, babel technologies for faster loading. ForJavaScripts it uses ECMAscript7.
  • It is SEO optimized theme code with a schema markup box for SEO improvements.
  • Code splitting is used to maximize the speed with responsiveness in all gadgets.

Wrapping It Up: Best WordPress Themes for Beaver Builder

The Beaver Page Builder has layout templates for page creation, many modules to add functions to the pages, and Row for creating quicker templates with sections, feature boxes, and pricing tables. 

The pages builder needs to have the best WordPress themes to provide speed and customization elements to make beautiful web pages. The theme, as mentioned earlier, WP Astra, Neve, and Hestia from Themesile and Blocksy provide the fastest page speed with fully customizable options for Beaver page builder. 

The other GeneratePress theme has a block-based theme design, and the OceanWP provides WooCommerce templates, extensions for customization with Beaver builder. Share your thoughts in the comments section…

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