Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins For Massive Lead Generation

Are you running a business website in WordPress?. Do you have many clients far away from your business location? Then use the contact form on your website. Now it is available with special features for business communication. Usually, contact forms are used to consult with the business owners regarding their services and request quotes for their services. 

Contact form is one of the practical communication tools for the customers than live chat and telephonic support. Much document-related information can be communicated using contact forms in WordPress. Generally, it has Name, Email, and comments in the form fields and is available on the contact page of the business website.

In recent years many business websites use custom-designed contact forms for their business to fulfill customer requirements. These WordPress contact form plugins are coming up with drag and drop form builders with multistep verification to avoid spam contacts.

How To Find The Best Contact Form Plugin For WordPress?

We know traditional contact forms must have Names, Emails, and Comments in their form fields. Now businesses need a contact form with file attachment options, a Quotation request form, Survey, Polls, Quizzes and feedback, and even a new service request with the contact form.

  • These forms use multistep protection such as captcha and confirm email fields in contact pages to avoid spam.
  • The contact form plugins must provide the form builder with easy drag and drop options for its customization.
  • These plugins provide a dropdown menu and file attachment options for business service selection and quotation requests.
  • Contact forms should have feedback, events participation, new service requests, and eCommerce operations.

Top 7 Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Here we have the best contact form plugins for WordPress websites with custom form builder options. In addition, many plugins provide shortcodes and contact form sidebar widgets to implements the form in websites. We will see the features and uniqueness of each one inform the design and implementation of the website.

1. WPForms

WPFroms is specially designed for business owners, bloggers, designers, and developers who use WordPress in their business websites. This WPForm provides not the only contact form; It has a survey form, Payment form, Newsletter forms, Registration forms, and Quotation forms in its services.

WPForms uses form builder for webform designs with drag and drop form fields customization makes it easier for form design in a minute. We can add and embed contact forms and others forms anywhere in the website pages, posts, sidebar, and footer using shortcodes and widgets. It will not affect the performance of the website. 

These forms are mainly used for different business services such as contact, payment, subscription, and registration. In addition, these business services need form design for quotations, newsletters, surveys, and customer feedback. Therefore, we can easily customize the forms with section divider, HTML blocks, and custom CSS to achieve extended functionality. Features of WPForms

  • WPForms are 100% mobile friendly and responsive to all gadgets.
  • It has hundreds of prebuilt templates for form design with customizable options.
  • It uses conditional logic to display forms on a particular page of your business website.
  • We can get instant notification from the form submission with spam protection
  • File upload, multi-page forms, dropdown form fields are available in WPForms
  • It uses Paypal and Stripe addon for the donation of payments
  • It has a good customer support and video tutorials for contact form design and implementation.

2. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the free WordPress plugin available in the plugin directory. We can create a contact form using the WordPress dashboard link. The new form fields in the contact form can be added using the form editor in the plugins options. We can add dropdowns, checkboxes, files, and quiz in the contact form using the form editor.

Using shortcode, we can add the contact form in the required parts of the website. Contact form 7 uses reCAPTCHA and Akismet for the protection against spam contacts. In addition, it integrates constant contact using API for email subscription and subscriber management.

Contact Form uses SendinBlue integration for CRM and email marketing services. Here we can manage the contacts by sending newsletters and follow-up messages. Contact form 7 is the best communication tool among WordPress bloggers.

Hayrabolu Features of Contact Form 7

  • It is a free WordPress plugin used in many WordPress websites
  • We can do contact form customization and email contents usage using simple WordPress dashboard settings.
  • The Contact Form 7 uses Ajax script for form design for faster processing of its fields.
  • The Documentation and support for contact form7 creation and implementation are available on the plugins page.
  • We can do all the setup, form design and integration with simple markups.

3. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is the premium WordPress plugin that comes up with the Form builder option. Ninja forms have easy design Row and Columns layouts for form design. We can customize the form fields by drag and drop methods. Ninja forms use the file upload feature to export PDF, google sheets, and excel files during the contact form submission.

Payment forms functions are also integrated with Ninja forms to send and accept payment via Paypal and credit cards for the subscription of business services. In addition, we can also set up fixed and variable payments via subscription via contact forms.

Features of Ninja Forms

  • We can build a ninja contact form in a minute using its layouts and drag and drop form fields.
  • We can integrate Ninja Forms with email subscription service providers such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Zoho, Salesforce, instantly, etc.
  • It uses an addon for membership management with clients and company employees.
  • Ninja form provides good support by documentation. 
  • Email marketing integrated using campaign monitor and 6+ CRM integrations available with ninja forms.

4. Formidable Forms

Formidable is one of the best contact form plugins for WordPress. It uses a Visual style drag and drop form builder to create incredible web forms for business contacts. Formidable uses tons of form templates for contact forms, payment forms, Woo Commerce forms, etc. Formidable forms have many services in the contact form communication.

It uses Calculator forms, payments, registration, survey, directory, and listing form for various business services with unique form templates for respective services. The formidable form has 30+ one-click addons for integration.

These forms use dynamic form fields with simple settings with 100+ hooks for customization of form fields. Moreover, it transforms from field entries into listings, calendars, and directories. Therefore, we can use this form for advanced business services.

Features of Formidable Forms

  • We can build form, customize it with hooks, get responses by various fields, collect payments using formidable forms.
  • Formidable forms are also used for directories of the form data.
  • It has many integrations such as Mailchimp, Aweber, getresponse and other 10+ CRM and email responders.
  • Zapper integration makes it listings, calendar and file export features in Formidable forms
  • It uses conditional logic, file uploads, star ratings, captcha, repeater forms, payment, CRM in its interface.

5. Forminator Forms

Forminator forms is the free contact form plugin available in the plugin directory with pro functions, and it provides communication services such as survey, quiz, polls, calculations and more. The web contact forms are designed and customized using a magical form builder with drag and drop settings. 

We can also collect payments using Stripe and Paypal with Forminator payment forms. The polls are created to collect user opinions on particular services in your business. The events like quizzes, quotations, and client orders are collected using the calculation form in the Forminator forms. It has 1000+ app integrations for email services, CRM, storage, and project management with a pro.

Features of Forminator forms

  • It is using a magic form builder with many form templates and drag and drop form blocks.
  • We can add e signature in the form fields using Forminator addons.
  • For spam protection, Forminator forms use reCaptcha
  • Forminator forms integrate lead magnets for business calculation forms.
  • Forminator is free. You can use developer API and included hooks to create business apps.

6. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the best contact form plugins in WordPress with Form builder. Gravity forms are used to generate leads and accept payment via contact form design using the integration of Zapier and Hubspot. The form builder uses drag and drop column control over various form fields.

This gravity Form integrates with many services such as email subscription and payment processing quickly with Paypal and Stripe. It also has elite services such as unlimited site licenses with multisite support. In addition, gravity forms use addon services for Surveys, quizzes, polls, and Payments with its form design.

Features of Gravity Forms

  • Easy to use in any part of the websites using embed codes and widgets.
  • The Form builder used visual editor dynamic form field arrangements such as checkboxes, dropdown and file uploads.
  • 30+ ready to use form fields with simple settings inform design.
  • Conditional logic is used to display form fields and its placements.
  • No programming knowledge is required to design responsive contact forms.
  • It integrates many addons for email subscriptions, CRM and payments.

7. Fluent Forms

Fluent forms is the free contact form plugin available in the WordPress plugin directory. It has an easy drag and drop WordPress form builder with many reusable templates and uses a multi-column form layout with conditional logic for form field placements. 

It uses 60+ form layouts and 30+ form fields for conversational contact form design. The Fluent form uses these prebuilt form layouts for contact forms; Events form, quote request, pooling, rating, donation, and user registration form creations. In addition, it has pro-integration for email subscription, payment collection, CRM and file uploads, etc.

Features of Fluent Forms

  • It uses WordPress form builder for contact form design and customization using 66+ prebuilt layouts.
  • We can easily add the form fields with integrated services of fluent contact form.
  • Zapier, Webhook, campaign monitor, Hubspot, PayPal, and Sendinblue are integrated with contact forms with many other third-party applications.
  • It has many video tutorials and documentation for form design and integration of addons.
  • SMS notification for form field submission and Google-captcha used for spam protection.
  • We can do contact form import and export with add on integration.

Wrapping It Up: Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Contact form is the best communication tool to contact the business owner who has the website. I have discussed some best contact form plugins for different communication from implementation in our website with customization. Every extension has its unique features integration, and form design options, especially Formidable, Forminator, and Gravity forms do the most.

I suggest you go with WPForms which is one of the best WordPress contact form plugins for implementing the fantastic form design with easy drag and drop options. It also has Donation forms, a Quotation request form, Shortcode availability to add a contact from anywhere on the website. These things make WPForms is the best choice for your business websites.

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