Webflow vs WordPress – Which is the better platform To Build Websites?

Two biggies come to my mind, webflow vs WordPress when it comes to the website building tool. Which one should you use? Check the in-depth comparison and decide the suitable one for your requirements.

Blogging is an amazing way to express our thoughts, market our products, or make available demanded services to the larger population.

Nowadays, there is a gradual increase in the number of websites. Blogs allow users to connect to a much wider and diverse population. It also requires very little manual labor and physical effort. 

Many people assume that one requires coding knowledge to create and run a blog or website, but this is not true. That is where ‘website builder’ comes into the mix. A website builder helps to create catchy websites without the need for coding knowledge. 

Website builders are based on drag and drop design. Hence users will be able to easily create a blog  and website.

But the question remains: ‘Which website builder is the best?’ There are two popular website builders, they are Webflow vs WordPress.

This article will help us explore and find out which of these is truly the best website builder, Webflow or WordPress?

About Webflow

Webflow is an American website builder company. Webflow is a software as a service that encourages individuals to create, design, and host their very own websites.

What’s more? It allows its users to build responsive blogs and creative content. Webflow was founded in 2013 by Vlad Magdalin, Sergie Magdalin, and Bryant Chou. But what is truly special about Webflow website builder is that it automatically generates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Top Webflow Features

  • Uses drag and drop editor
  • Strong website security
  • Shorter development duration
  • Wide collection of widgets to use
  • CSS styling properties
  • Responsive websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly
  • E-Commerce
  • An active and growing community
  • Interactive design
  • Integrated Google Analytics

About WordPress

WordPress is one of the most famous and commonly used website builders in the world. The reason for its popularity is because of its early presence as a website and blog building and hosting company.

As a result of this, WordPress is considered to have a  tremendous number of members that form its community. 

Apart from WordPress’s original themes, its community members create and upload themes based on existing WordPress themes; hence one can find a greater variety of themes at WordPress.

WordPress is free to use drag and drop website builder, but paid subscriptions also exist. It is an incredible open-source and is available for everyone. 

Top WordPress Features

  • Responsive websites
  • A large variety of themes and designs to choose from
  • Advanced functions and more customizations are possible
  • Huge collection of plugins and widgets 
  • The active and booming community
  • Easy to install 
  • Amazing updates
  • Search engine optimized
  • Flexible
  • Free SSL

Difference between Webflow and WordPress

Both Webflow and WordPress are incredible and top of the line website builders. While they are both means of achieving the same outcome, they differ in terms of means of achieving the outcome, speed, user-friendliness, support, and the likes.

So in the battle between Webflow vs WordPress which one would win? Let’s find out:


WordPress is less expensive than Webflow. What’s more? Many features that are available for free in WordPress cost much more in Webflow. When it comes to Webflow vs WordPress Pricing, clearly, the latter wins in terms of cost. 

Ease of use

You may have the question Is WebFlow better than WordPress? In your mind. WordPress is slightly more complicated to use than Webflow. But in the long run, WordPress is a better option.

Have a look at the user interface of webflow vs WordPress!

webflow interface


WordPress has a much greater choice of templates than Webflow. This is thanks to WordPress’s active community members who publish their customized themes online. In the battle of Webflow vs WordPress, WordPress wins the race due to wide array of templates and designing options. 


WordPress has a greater collection of tools, plugins, and widgets than Webflow. As a result, it enables specific customizations.  WordPress is the most trusted choice if we look at the Webflow and WordPress comparison.


WordPress is known for its active and larger community than Webflow. Hence one can easily obtain a variety of solutions or ideas from the various active community members at WordPress. 

Customer care support

In terms of customer care support, Webflow has one of the best in class professional support services, whereas WordPress is mostly community-driven. 

For blogging

The answer for the question WordPress or Webflow, which is better for blogging? Is WordPress, unlike Webflow, was initially launched to create blogs. Blogs are its home turf and hence WordPress remains the reigning king when it comes to blogging services. 

For speed

Concerning speed, Webflow is much faster than WordPress. This may be due to the excessive functions and restrictions that are on WordPress. Webflow is much simpler and lightweight. Hence it is faster, under Webflow vs WordPress speed, the WebFlow is a worthy choice. 


Concerning e-commerce, both are e-commerce friendly. But Webflow has a more rudimentary form of e-commerce when compared to WordPress. WordPress e-commerce is much more efficient and consists of a lot more features than WordPress.



If you looking for a credible website builder and are contemplating between Webflow vs WordPress SEO, then it is advisable to move to WordPress. Webflow is not a reliable choice if search engine optimization is on your mind. 

Which Is Better – Webflow vs WordPress

Last but not the least, Webflow or WordPress, which is the best website builder? Undoubtedly anyway WordPress is a worthy choice. It is better to opt for WordPress in the long run than go for Webflow.

But Webflow is much easier to use than WordPress and is a good choice for new bloggers. The limited number of functions and restrictions allow users to create web designs easily and quickly. 

But WordPress allows its users to perform a lot of more specific customizations and offers its users a vast collection of widgets and plugins to use, despite its many restrictions.

Plus, WordPress is cheaper than Webflow, which charges users for functions that are available for free in WordPress. When we say, Webflow vs WordPress, WordPress is a clear winner. It is better than Duda as well.

I have been using WordPress for the past 10 years and hence, I would say that it is a great CMS to build any website that could help to earn huge profits.

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