How To Improve Search Engine Visibility Of A WordPress Site?

Antalya Are you looking for ways to improve the search engine visibility of your WordPress site? You have come to the right place to learn some tips to boost your SEO performance.

Blogging has several benefits and SEO is the greatest way to generate more traffic to our websites. To get much traffic from organic search engines our website pages need to be ranked high in SERPs. For this first search engine needs to crawl and index our website page.

To optimize our website and its pages for crawling and indexing is typically called search engine visibility. The optimized web pages can top in search results and get more traffic to the website. Do you want your website pages indexed quickly in search engines?

And do you want your website to rank higher in search results? This article will help you to improve search visibility to your web pages.

Why is Search Engine Visibility Important?

We know that Google is the best organic search engine to provide the best results to the search query. But even top-ranked pages in Google have the lesser click-through rate. The reason for this is the content relevancy and user experience of the search term.

So Google improved its crawling and index algorithm to provide authority to its users. For example, it uses snippets and FAQ sections in its search results pages. To index our web pages quickly in google, it needs to be structured, optimized, and linked with high authority pages. 

To provide more relevant content at the top for a search term, search engines need user-friendly pages with quality content and authority by linking. So we need to improve SEO for a web page for search engine visibility and ranking.

8 Ways to Improve SEO Performance Of A Website

In WordPress websites, these SEO methods can improve faster indexing and ranking top in SERPs. We will get a good amount of traffic to our web pages.

1. Use Longtail and LSI Keywords in Quality Content

For every WordPress web page, the quality of the content is important. But when it comes to the presentation to the search engines, we need certain keyword optimization to index quickly and rank higher in search engines.

A phrase with two or more words is usually called Longtail keywords. We should optimize our content for Longtail keywords to compete with the competitor’s pages and quicker indexing. 

LSI keywords used in our web pages should provide more relevancies to Longtail keywords, then it can be ranked faster in SERPs. In addition, these keyword usages give more clarity to the search engines.

2. Use Title tag & Description Tags for SERPs

The HTML markups used in a web page are very important for the search engines and users to find the accurate result for their search term in result pages.

The Title tag is the information about the search engine’s web page in the result pages. These are a short form of webpage titles to improve click-through rates in SERPs. The title tag should satisfy the search intent of the user to increase the click-through rate.

Meta description tags are used to give short information about details available on the web page. This information are displayed in SERPs for users. The search engines can identify the relevancy of keywords with meta descriptions. 

The URL, Title tag, and Meta description should have keyword relevancy for users and search engine identification about the web pages. 

3. Structure Web Pages for Google Search

Search engines provide more importance to structured web pages, and It has been displayed in SERPs. For example, Google uses Rich snippets, FAQ, and Featured snippets section in search result pages.

SO our page content needs to be structured like lists the benefits, use of images at a particular position of the web page, adding FAQ within the web page relevant to the content. 

Rich snippets are used to provide additional information about the page to search engines and its users. This info is available in SERPs to add more value and authority to the page. For example, we can use videos, reviews, product info, and author info about the web page in rich snippets.

FAQ is another section available in search results that provide more relevant content to the search term in SERPs. It is used to satisfy the user intent related to the search term. To improve search visibility, we can add a FAQ section related to the keyword in the content.

Featured snippets are the structured data used in our pages, such as ordered list, gallery grid, video info, etc. Search engines will display this info along with the title tag and Meta description in SERPs. The structured web page is good for ranking and indexing web content.

4. Get Backlinks & Internal Linking

Links are the best network to find the relevant content for a search term. Backlinks are the authority provided by other website pages to a particular web page using a keyword named the anchor text. 

A backlink from high-ranking web pages for relevant keywords is important to the search engine to rank higher new pages.

Internal linking is another advantage that is to be easily indexed in search results by providing authority and content availability. We should not use one anchor text to link different pages. One page should use one anchor text should be used in internal linking with all the pages.

The internal linking hierarchy is from the home page will make better access to available content for a particular search term. It will provide the depth of content available on our website. We knew that the best internally linked sites would have ranked higher in SERPs by their expertise content for a particular keyword.

5. Social Media Engagement

Social media and its influencers play a vital part in the search engine visibility of a web page. In addition, social media and its sharing will reach our web content to a large number of people by sharing, bookmarking, commenting, rating, etc. 

This type of people engagement from the social websites for our web page makes search engines provide full authority and trust. Especially authority is higher when it comes from the influencers as well. 

The relevant community people have engaged with the web page to better search engines with its LSI keywords. It can also be done by forum posting and commenting on high-authority pages related to the new page content.

6. Mobile-friendly Web pages

Make the web pages mobile-friendly. Google provides important to mobile users in recent years. The makes sure that your page content will be available in mobile responsive as well. The core web vitals like largest paintful content, First input delay, and cumulative layout shift must be optimized for both mobile and desktop users.

Make mobile accelerated web pages in your template design. The faster content availability to a mobile user is also important in search ranking. The number of mobile users of google increased every year. So we need to do mobile SEO to increase the authority for a particular search term.

Use optimized infographic images and fast-loading JavaScripts in your web page, especially if the page has grid or gallery arrangements. The eCommerce product pages should have a faster response to mobile users. 

7. Submit Sitemap and Get verified site in Search Engines

Use the Google XML sitemaps plugin to create a sitemap for your website. The Sitemap will have all the web pages available on your website. If we add the new web page to your site, it will be automatically added to the sitemap, and the sitemap page will be automatically updated.

We need to submit the sitemap in webmaster tools for crawling and indexing the web pages by the search engines. We can set up the sitemap update priority in plugin settings for quicker visibility. Add the website in the search console and verify it for website authority. 

We can add HTML tracking code to your websites to track the website data. In the search console, we can check SEO parameters such as duplicate content, crawled but not indexed pages needed to improve. We can improve it by doing the above SEO methods for indexing and ranking.

8. Do SEO audit for WordPress Website

We have many SEO tools, and audit web pages are available to check our SEO status of the WordPress site. This SEO audit page will provide all the SEO information about our current Websites, such as Ranking, Keywords, Duplicate content, backlinks, broken likes, Meta tags, Page speed, etc.

Some SEO audit tools may provide suggestions and recommendations to improve the current SEO status and rank higher. For example, we can find the link structure of a web page with anchor text using this software and improve it.

Wrapping Up: Boost Search Engine Visibility of Your WordPress Site

Search engine visibility is important for web pages to get indexed on top of the SERPs. We can improve the site visibility in the search engines by providing quality content and relevant information to the search engine crawlers.

So we need to satisfy the search engine with keywords and full relevant information inside the webpage with HTML markup. The web content needs to be structured for the rich snippet, featured snippet section available in SERPs.

The hierarchy of internal link building from the home page and external backlinks from the authority websites will increase its expertise, authority, and Trust towards the search engine to rank higher.

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