7 Best Real-estate WordPress Themes

Are you promoting properties and homes? Or Are you a Real estate agency looking to build a website in WordPress? Then this will be the right article for you. It has the seven best real-estate WordPress themes for property listing and sales. The real-estate theme must have Google maps in-built to identify the location of the property or homes. Moreover, every real-estate agency has multiple projects to promote. So, the WordPress real estate theme must have property listings and categories pages.

The real-estate WordPress theme should be fast loading even with the bulk of high-quality images. However, the home and property images on the real-estate websites are much clear. The gallery and carousel images help to showcase the best projects with highlighted images. Moreover, the detailed description of the property is shown on a separate page with a location map. The search form plays a vital role in indenting suitable property on real-estate websites.

Top 7 Real-estate WordPress Themes for Property Promotions

The real-estate theme should have a better property listing with a filter. Advanced filter helps to identify suitable homes and then properties easier. Moreover, contact form service and CRM integration with WordPress themes use better communication using lead generation. A wide range of individual and then portfolio page templates helps display properties better with social trust. The responsive page templates also display properties better on mobile devices. Furthermore, Woocommerce integration support makes the theme marketplace promote properties.

1. Divi Real Estate

Divi WordPress theme is one of the famous frameworks from elegant themes. It has child themes and widget support along with page builder integrations. So we can create custom templates for real-estate websites easily with a drag-and-drop page editor. Moreover, Divi provides a child theme for real-estate promoters named Divi Real-estate WordPress theme. It has 20 plus pages and then 20 plus layouts for the property promotions and listing. Apart from that, we can use filters, categories, and then galleries to highlight the properties in the real-estate business.

Features of Divi- Real-estate Theme

  • Easy to list the properties with Google map integration.
  • Divi page builder support helps to customize 20-plus pages and then create custom pages from the layouts.
  • Advanced filters and showcase photo galleries help to identify the best projects.
  • Individual property pages manage a property’s buying and then selling details.
  • The search results page gives us an elegant look and feels with responsive page templates.

2. Houzez on of the best Real-estate WordPress Themes

Houzez is one of the best real-estate WordPress themes for property promoters. It has thirty plus elemetor widgets to create property details pages. The responsive template design helps to view detailed property pages even on mobile devices. Moreover, we can design an advanced search system to find properties with a drag and drop search builder. It offers many layouts for the search panel with tabs like status, cities, and then types. Furthermore, the freehand draw grids, presentations, and infographics page layouts are available to display properties.

Features of Houzez Theme

  • Elementor widgets-based themes with dynamic and custom contents.
  • We can customize the grid for mobile devices with a fully responsive theme.
  • We can troll the widget sizes and styling options.
  • It has the most advanced CRM system for lead generations.
  • It has advanced search systems with a search builder.
  • Houzez uses a property management system with analytics.

3. Rehomes

Rehomes is a real-estate group WordPress themes with Elementor support. These group WordPress themes help to sell and rent properties with real estate agents and brokers. Moreover, apartments and residential homes have been listed for renting from the managers and developers. This theme has prebuilt color schemes for the real-estate promoter’s websites. Furthermore, we can showcase successful customer experiences and projects as well.

Features of Rehomes theme

  • It has four plus ready-to-use homepage templates.
  • We can display creative property listings with detailed descriptions in individual page templates.
  • The intelligent filter is available to choose the best-suited properties for the customers.
  • Real-time customization is available with a drag-and-drop Elementor page builder.
  • The SEO-friendly theme is compatible with the slider revolution plugin.

4. Residence

The residence is one of the better real-estate WordPress themes with 32 plus prebuilt demos. Moreover, it helps to create better property details with ten-plus page templates. The residence offers eight plus elementor templates for property pages and listings with 40 plus widget elements. It also has a search form builder with unlimited options from the search widget. Residence theme provides six demo websites in local languages. The responsive template design helps to view web pages on any mobile device.

Features of Residence Theme

  • It has 48 real-estate widgets to design the property pages.
  • The property page listing can be well-organized with filters.
  • The virtual tour options are available to view the property with statistics.
  • Six property card templates are available to display the properties better.
  • Nine-flexible search form with form builder is available in Residence theme.

5. Real Estate 7 WordPress theme

The Real-estate7 WordPress theme is one of the suitable themes for real estate agents, brokers, and consultants. Moreover, this theme has its CRM and IDX support for lead generation. The multilingual support covers more than 38 languages for real-estate website creation. Furthermore, we can capture, qualify, nurture and manage leads with its CRM. Elementor helps to customize prebuilt sites and custom modules. The draw to search helps to find the exact location with Geo maps.

Features of Real-Estate 7 theme

  • We can follow the saved searches with email alerts.
  • The zapier integration helps to manage leads.
  • We can monitor the listing analytics with their templates.
  • It offers a listing table and a minimal grid for property listing.
  • It supports 200 plus elementor blocks and page templates.

6. Estate Engine

The Estate Engine is the best-suited WordPress theme for real estate websites. It helps to build your site from different modules. The estate engine is a highly customizable theme for creating real-estate websites. Drag and drop content blocks can give the best position to fit into the templates. Moreover, a page builder is available to customize the page layouts. It is a fully responsive theme from large screens to mobile devices. Furthermore, Google maps integration can give the exact location of the property.

Features of Estate Engine

  • We can easily manage and customize the theme with all general information.
  • Multiple payment plans use to choose as per the requirements.
  • Woocommrece integration with PayPal and two checkout gateways.
  • SEO-optimized theme with multilingual support.
  • The property management with grid and galleries with detailed individual pages.

7. HomePress

HomePress is one of the excellent real-estate WordPress themes to create elegant websites for agencies and property promoters. It has an Elemontor page builder with eighteen demos to create real-estate websites. It is a progressive WordPress Theme with uListing support. Moreover, the HomePress has advanced search functionality with unlimited search fields. Radius search is available with auto-complete features. It uses Google maps, map boxes, and open street map integrations to find a location.

Features of HomePress

  • We can easily find our dream home from the houses and property listings.
  • The mortgage calculator saved properties and compared property listings with the HomePress theme.
  • Page statistics are available for real estate agents and agencies.
  • It is a translation support theme with a hundred percent mobile ready.
  • Ready-to-use single-page templates are available with a drag-and-drop page builder.
  • IMAP pro-integration is available for property locations.

Conclusion – Real-estate WordPress Themes

By wrapping up the best Real-estate WordPress themes, These themes have different templates for property listing. Moreover, we can highlight the properties with portfolio pages, galleries, and grid arrangements. Apart from that, Maps integrations and advanced filters help to identify suitable properties or homes from the extensive property listing. The custom design of search form and page builder uses to create custom designs for real-estate websites.

Ultimately, Divi real-estate is the best real-estate WordPress theme to create a website for property promoters, sellers, and developers. The Divi real-estate child theme has advanced search form and filter support to find suitable properties based on the user requirements. Maps and Divi theme builder helps to customize 20-page templates with widget modules. Moreover, the responsive frameworks help to view better on all mobile devices.

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