Best 7 Political WordPress Themes for Event Management

The best political WordPress themes help create websites for political parties and governments. These theme uses to manage political campaigns, event management, and political candidate organization. Moreover, these WordPress themes help political leaders, parties, and politicians build a movement for their political events. It has fantastic design layouts for politician biography pages, making the theme best for campaigns. 

These political themes are WordPress multi-purpose themes with page builder support. So, we can create custom layouts for political websites. They are fully responsive to view on all types of devices. The speed and then SEO-optimized themes help to load instantly with images and video carousel. It helps with video and then audio news from politicians about political events. We can choose the site layouts and brand exclusively for political parties.

Top 7 Political WordPress themes for Campaign

We have seven political WordPress themes listed for political events and then candidates. Moreover, we can get a donation for the political parties using the WordPress theme. So, these themes are suitable options for building political websites. The responsive website layouts make a user-friendly website for mobile users. The candidate and party leader profiles can be built better using these themes. We can create social activity campaigns and then political events as well. Furthermore, we can manage the party profile, mission, manifesto, volunteers, team workers, and then campaigns with the best political themes. 

1. Politicia is the better Political WordPress themes

Politicia is the politician and speaker WordPress theme helps to set up political websites. It is a highly customizable, easy-to-use theme for WordPress. The responsive theme is available with Elementor builder for political website creation. It uses 50 plus pre-designed templates with slider revolution plugin support. Moreover, politicia has three different home page templates for political website design. It has more than 20plus inner page templates with portfolio pages. Features of Politicia

  • It has mail chimp and then contact form7 integration for political event communications.
  • The politician has 12 plus custom elements for the header and then subheading.
  • Woo commerce support helps to create online stores.
  • The retina-ready theme is available with sharper images of better quality on mobile devices.
  • It has a hundred plus customizer options for political website creations. 

2. EGovt – City government WordPress theme

EGovt is one of the best political WordPress themes for city government or municipal websites. It helps to manage government departments and then agencies. This theme has an Elementor page builder with a header and then footer builder with multiple page templates. Moreover, it is the suitable theme to reach a wide range of audiences. So, EGovt is a suitable option for creating political websites. It is one the best WordPress themes for city government, town, and then municipalities, with six plus home pages and then 40 plus inner page templates. The Elementor builder helps to create unique designs for political websites. 

Togitsu Features of Egovt theme

  • The built-in event management system helps to create and then manage political campaigns.
  • We can update recent videos and then galleries easily with this theme.
  • The department management system helps to manage different departments in the city government.
  • Document management helps to manage the official documents with the Egovt theme.
  • It is a fully responsive EO-optimized, the high-speed theme for political campaigns.

3. Campaign WordPress Theme

The campaign is the perfect WordPress theme for political event management. We can easily get a donation for the political events with the campaign WordPress theme. It helps to capture emails for the political process. We can use pre-made party colors and then campaign templates to create elegant websites. The email capture and event calendar pro plugins help to organize political meetings with public and then party workers. It is a fully responsive WordPress theme compatible with all mobile devices.

Features of Campaign Theme

  • The translation included them is available to create campaigns in local languages.
  • We can use the donate button in the header and then link anywhere, not just PayPal.
  • Collect emails with mail chimp or constant contact email service.
  • It has a jQuery slider on the home page with jQuery hovers and then light boxes.
  • It uses four color schemes with a disclaimer in the footer.

4. Nominee

The nominee is one of the better political WordPress themes for political leaders, parties, and then candidates. We can use this theme to create political campaigns and then their management. It is the perfect political theme to create men and women candidate profiles on city government and then political party websites. It has fantastic layout designs for biography profiles for the leaders and famous figures in the party. The modern manifesto page can show powerful missions. Moreover, it displays a successful storyline of the political parties with notable events.

Features of Nominee theme

  • The visual page builder is available to create unique pages for political websites.
  • It is a multi-purpose theme with multiple plugin support for woo commerce and then many languages. 
  • It is a 100 percent responsive retina-ready theme with a better user interface for all mobile devices. 
  • The multi-lingual plugin helps to reach local audiences.
  • It helps to manage political candidates, ministers, and even donate features.

5. Senatory 

Senatory is the best political candidate WordPress theme for election campaign creations. We can create political campaigns, elections, and candidate and political party websites. It has the donation functionality to receive payments for election campaigns. Moreover, it is the best suitable theme for creating candidate profiles, party websites, fundraisers, and social movement websites. Furthermore, it is a trendy political WordPress theme with five homepage designs.

Features of Senator Theme

  • The Elementor page builder is available with a drag and drop editor and visual builder. 
  • Twenty-plus inner page templates help to create political candidate profiles.
  • The modern events page is available with a bunch of templates. 
  • It includes donation forms for political party websites. 
  • Gutenberg plugin support helps to create political issues page. 

6. Lidership 

Lidership is a suitable theme for political events creation and party website creation. It is a multi-purpose theme and the right choice for political leaders, activists, and politicians. Moreover, we can create election campaigns and social moment events in the political party. It is fully responsive with ten plus home page templates available to create political sites. It is an SEO-friendly theme with a mobile-first approach that helps to reach the campaign to every audience.

Features of Lidership Theme

  • It has single-page and multipage layouts for political events.
  • We can customize every individual part of the theme with a political party manifesto.
  • It helps with its management to add carousals, video tutorials, and documentation.
  • It is a fully responsive, customizable theme with WPML language support.
  • The retina-ready theme with galleries and then drag and drop content.

7. Candidate Theme

The candidate is the right theme to create political, non-profit organizations, and then church websites. It is a suitable political theme for WordPress with WP bakery page builder. So, we can create better pages using unlimited layouts and color schemes. The revolutionary slider is available with this theme. Moreover, the candidate theme is available with Drupal, Photoshop, and HTML 5/CSS versions. The social share plugin helps to reach a wide range of audiences in any political campaign.

Features of Candidate theme

  • It is a responsive, retina-ready theme with many mobile templates.
  • The candidate theme supports WPML and then Bootstrap3.
  • The boxed and wide layouts help to create better pages with WP Bakery Builder.
  • It helps to make better event management with event calendars. 
  • The donation widget is available to collect donations for the political parties. 

Conclusion – Political WordPress themes

Wrapping up the political WordPress themes helps to create political party websites and city government websites. We can manage political campaigns and create candidate profiles for better websites. Moreover, multiple department management is possible with the best political themes. Many page templates with political event management options are available in the themes, making them the right choice for political websites.

Ultimately, Politicia is one of the better political WordPress themes to create campaign websites. Moreover, it is the right choice for politicians and speakers to reach a wide range of audiences. The Elementor page builder helps to create pages for political websites. The retina-ready theme helps add sliders to political party websites with three different home page templates.

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