Neve Vs Astra – Which Is The Best Fast WordPress Theme?

So, you want to look at the comparison Neve Vs Astra themes, right? You have arrived at the right place to know my viewpoint and yes, I’m using both WordPress themes for my blogs.

I understand that you are looking for a reliable WordPress theme! It’s quite difficult to do so as there are lots of options available to build a website with a stunning look.

If you are new to WordPress theme then there are a few questions that you need to consider before choosing the best WordPress theme:

  1. Is the WordPress theme fast?
  2. Whether the theme is available for free or is it affordable?
  3. What about the user-friendliness?
  4. How about support services and documentation?
  5. Does the theme come with a lot of functions that permit better customizability?
  6. Does the theme offer a greater collection of demos to choose from and page builders?
  7. How about the compatibility with other WordPress widgets?

However, you don’t need to worry!

Both the Neve theme and Astra theme offer excellent features to the users that work like a charm for bloggers as well as for business websites.

But the million-dollar question pops “Neve vs Astra theme”, which one is the best WordPress theme that has more customization settings, affordable pricing plans and fast loading ablity.

Let’s get into the war, Astra Vs Neve WordPress theme! 

Neve Vs Astra Theme – Who Is The Winner?

Before jumping into a detailed comparison of Neve and Astra, it is important to compare the powerful features of both themes with the help of the tabular column.




User Friendly

User friendly theme

User friendly theme 

Speed Test






Pre Build Demos

80+ Tempates

100+ Tempates

Page Builder Friendly

Yes. Compatible with Elementor, Beaver, Divi, Etc. 

Yes. Compatible with Elementor, Beaver, Divi, Etc.

Woocommerce Compatability

Yes. Customization Available. But not like Astra.

Yes. Detailed Customization Available. Also several unique features than any other theme

Header & Footer Builder

Yes. You can customize as per your preference

Yes. You can customize as per your requirements

Support and Documentation

Good support and Documentation available.

Premium Support available and also best documentation.

Now, let’s do the in-depth comparison of Astra Vs Neve theme for WordPress!

1. Speed Performance & lightweight

When we say, Neve Vs Astra Theme speed plays a vital role. The theme Astra is super compact and powerful. Astra theme has more responsive designs compared to the Neve WordPress theme.

Meaning that the Astra WordPress theme is more flexible, super-fast, and excellent in performance. It can effortlessly fit into a variety of screen sizes. 

Winner – Astra

2. Easy Customization

Both Astra and Neve theme are an excellent option when it comes to customization this is because both the themes are super compatible with the default WordPress front end customizer, so you can easily customize everything as per your wish with just a few clicks.

Astra’s theme allows users to change the look of the entire shopping cart. Users can choose from 6 cart icons, customize cart menu buttons, and utilize toggle display features for displaying cart total quantity & value.

Similarly, the Neve theme offers flexibility and you don’t need to be a pro in coding. You can enjoy designing with the native real-time WordPress customizer.

Customizing all the elements from scratch is the highlight of this superfast theme. Yes, you will get simple interface controls to customize site layout, header, footer and almost everything!

Winner – Neve

3. Page Builder Friendly

When it comes to page builder friendliness race between Astra vs Neve theme, both are the winners. Be it Astra or Neve them both work like a charm with leading page builders including Elementor, Brizy, and the trending Glutenberg.

Both the theme gets continuous updates so that you don’t miss anything. You can avail of most of the features in the free version and if you want the premium feature upgrade it to the pro version and get access to the page builders.

Winner – Both

4. Pre Build Demos

The biggest benefit of opting Astra theme is that you don’t have to spend time on designing the website from scratch. You can access a wide array of pre build demos from the library which can be used to design pixel-perfect dream website in no time.

Unfortunately, Neve is not impressive when it comes to pre-build demo choices. Under the race of Astra Vs Neve Theme, Astra is the clear winner.

Winner – Astra

5. WooCommerce Compatibility 

If you have an online business and want to promote it via the website then Astra is a worthy choice. The incredible WooCommerce compatibility will drive organic traffic and boost sales.

The performance-optimized code enhances the loading speed which ensures your visitors stay on the page and eventually make a purchase decision. 

Neve is also WooCommerce compatible and yes, you will get access to WooBooster Module through which you can add Wishlist functionality, product videos, and shop layouts. However, when the WooCommerce of both themes gets compared, Astra is superior to the Neve theme.

Winner – Astra

6. Search Engine Optimized 

Be it Neve or Astra theme both have neatly written codes that ensure there is no lag. The SEO is done with perfection and it enhances the overall loading speed of your website. Both the free and premium version offers excellent speed.

Winner – Both

Conclusion – Astra Or Neve?

Now comes the challenging part; Astra or Neve? Which WordPress theme is better? 

Despite both being tough competitors, based on user reviews and my theme design experience, I can state that the Astra WordPress theme is better compared to the Neve theme.

Astra is the ultimate choice because the optimized code and lightweight enhances the overall loading speed. Be it the option of choosing a wide array of layouts, headers, and footers Astra offers the highest stands.

You can effortlessly personalize your sites, to begin with, the help of demos. If you want to get access to advanced and pro plugins, upgrade to the premium version of Astra and make your website more alluring and best performing.

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