How To Monetize WordPress Website?

Do you have WordPress websites with valuable content in them? And your web pages have decent traffic from Google organic search and social media referrals. Now it’s time to earn a consistent income, and let’s see how to monetize WordPress website.

WordPress is the best website builder platform that provides the best monetization options for its users. Running a WordPress website is very easy because many services are available to maintain its resources and web tools such as hosting, themes, plugins, and updates.

We need to produce content and optimize it for the people for a better user experience. Once traffic comes into your web pages, It starts provides a return on investment for the work you have put in it. We have many monetization methods for WordPress websites, and I will discuss some important methods in this article.

Top Monetization Methods for WordPress Sites

Before monetizing the WordPress website, we should do some basic things to achieve a better return. 

  • Create your blog for the website
  • Create brand logo with appropriate landing pages
  • Have email marketing service with CRM
  • Produce content for your blog 
  • Promote the service and Optimize the page to drive traffic.

7 Different Ways To Monetize WordPress Website

Now you are ready to monetize WordPress website. Here we have six methods to make money from the WordPress site.

1. Adsense & Advertising

Content marketing is the best money-making method in WordPress websites. First, we need to create content on a particular topic as much as we can. Then deliver the content as a blog post on your website. Finally, optimize the post content for the search engine to index easily in search engines, which drives more visitors to your websites.

In content marketing, we can have two monetization techniques

These two methods give ad income to our WordPress websites. The first one is If you have a reasonable amount of content and visitors to your blog, then apply for the Google Adsense program. If Google accepts your request, it will display ads on your websites. You will get paid using cost per click (CPC) and Cost per Impression (CPM) methods.

For this, Google needs to approve your request and give AdSense code; then, you should place it anywhere on your website as per their rules.

The second one is Paid Advertising – It is the ad spot that will be available on our website for third-party services and products related to the blog content. That ad spot may be rented for months, or you can get paid impression basis on the advertiser of your websites.

2. Paid Content, Reviews, and Forum Q&A

WordPress is always best for content management and its delivery. We can monetize the content by paid posts in our blog, Paid links for authority building, get paid for community participation such as forum answering and paid question and Answer directories.

Protected Content

We can use the paid content in two ways; the first is to allow paid guest posting in our blog from the low authority websites by selling links.  

We can only protect our web content and provide content access for paid users in the second method. For this, we need to create a members-only website that should have the protected content. Use payment gateways such as PayPal to get paid and provide access to the protected content.

There are many methods available to protect your content, such as full post protection, Partial content protection, etc.

Paid reviews 

The product and service reviews are the best-earning sources on the WordPress website. But, especially if you are an expert in a particular topic and produce massive content in that topic and have a good influence over the content, it is attracted by the visitors of organic and social media. 

In that case, the product and service providers contact you to review their product and service on your website, and you will make good revenue from it.

The community and directory websites asked WordPress influencers to engage with the live events or even pay to answer some questions asked in the forums.

3. obliquely Selling Ebooks and Courses

The best platform to market your website content is WordPress. In WordPress, we can create our digital products like ebooks and online courses and promote them via our WordPress websites and get paid. Even we can get recurring revenue by creating subscription-based online courses.

Once you have expertise in the topic, you can solve the problem related to that topic. It is time to offer a solution for an issue in the form of an eBook. For this, you need a landing page with an opt-in form and email autoresponder service integrated into it.

Once you have created an ebook, add it to a marketplace and promote it on your website using the product sales link provided by the marketplace and get paid for each sale you produced.

The online course is also similar to the ebook, but we need strong knowledge to identify the problem and its solution, and we need to know how to educate the people to receive your course. Just create a list of topics to be covered in your course. Use online course creation plugins such as learndash to deliver your course content to the paid people on a subscription basis.

4. order Pregabalin online uk Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is another best way to monetize WordPress websites. Many product owners and service providers have to promote their products using different marketing strategies. 

They also offer an affiliate program for the product or service they offered. So we need to sign up and get the product’s promotional link and use strategies to promote their product on our website. For every sale referred by our promotional campaign, we will be get paid a certain percentage of the product price. Normally 20% to 70% affiliate commission is offered for various products.

We can get the promotional product in various affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Shareasale, etc. they will pay the commission regularly. We can also set up an affiliate program for our ebook and online course for selling it in your community.

5. Freelance and Coaching Service

WordPress offers the best methods to market our content and info products to the people effectively. While offering these products, we will be get paid for every sale that has been made. Some people may be ready to offer services related to WordPress, such as freelance and Coaching Programs.

While monetizing a website, we can also provide freelance services in freelancing websites. You can use your website as a great portfolio to attract employers for freelancing work. The work was related to WordPress, including logo design, theme customization, website migration, traffic generation, web application development. 

You can also offer these freelancing services directly on your website with contact form and project management programs. You need to have services page with good support.

The coaching program also you can create series of videos tutorials and delivered them using extensions in WordPress. In addition, you can create series of videos and live webinar events for coaching a particular program. Membership websites, online course programs, and live events are the best coaching program to get paid in WordPress. 

6. Theme, Plugin development and Ecommerce Store

WordPress is an open-source content management software. You can create many web applications using APIs. In addition, it has the plugin and theme directory we can develop special themes and plugins to extend the functionality of WordPress.

We can promote that themes and plugins for various business purposes. For this, we need language and database script writing skills. One of the famous extensions or plugins available in WordPress is called WooCommerce. They are many marketplaces available for the promotion of WordPress themes like theme forest.

We can offer theme and plugin as free to WordPress, and later we can add more features in an update as a paid version of your plugin or theme.

7. Ecommerce stores

The WordPress eCommerce function can be achieved using a plugin called WooCommerce. This plugin can convert your WordPress website into an online store for eCommerce businesses. So we can choose the right thee to construct your online store like amazon and sell and the product you want using the WordPress website.

The payment gateway and distribution of product shipping can also be tracked and analyzed using WordPress tools and extensions. We can also set up a marketing campaign for our online store promotion and sales. Now there are many themes available with Woocommerce operation with online store builder integrations. Ecommerce is an excellent way to monetize WordPress sites.

How Should You Monetize WordPress Website?

WordPress is the best content management system and can be the best tool for content marketing as well. It is open-source with has many integration tools for marketing automation, analytics, and tracking of its content. So monetizing the WordPress website has many different methods. We have discussed the six best monetization methods of WordPress websites.

Now for Content marketing and info product creation and its promotion, WordPress is a good tool. It can provide Advertising revenues, Affiliate programs, online product and coaching programs, services campaigns such as SEO, web page Speed optimization, and lead generation. These services can also be the best monetizing method in WordPress.

We can also have many web development features such as theme development, extension creation, E-commerce functions, and templates. These features can make ways to monetize WordPress websites. Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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