Liquid Web VPS Hosting Review – Cheap & Best VPS Server For Small Business

Are you looking for the best fast VPS hosting with affordable pricing plans? Then you must read this Liquid Web VPS hosting review so that you will come to know its exceptional qualities that can take your business site to the next level.

A Virtual Private Server helps the user with amplified security systems. The Linux VPS Hosting system is a hosting service that is offered by the Linux operating system. This service provides several advantages and rewards, negating any added cost ort expense of the clients.

The Best Fast VPS Hosting by Liquid Web offers speedy servers, which enhances the speed by at least 20 folds. It has a Turbo Server option, which plays a significant role in giving a substantial boost to the website. This is, for sure, a great added feature for the clients.

It comes with a 24×7 expert team, which helps in providing technical support on the go. It brings uninterrupted security systems to the user, which offers best practices for ensuring the safety of the client’s data.

The Linux VPS Hosting servers of the Liquid Web are highly reliable and hence, keep the data backed-up. This Hosting service is considered to be risk-free as well. Also, it provides a variety of hosting packages and plans, ranging from the Cheapest Linux VPS and Windows VPS Hosting to the most expensive.

Striking Features Of Liquid Web VPS Hosting Service

liquid web vps review

1. Liquid Web VPS

The Liquid Web VPS services provide a single and dedicated server to the user, along with the best features of Cloud Hosting. It is considered to be the best alternative if the client wishes to have a devoted server for Hosting, but also at cheaper prices.

Advantages Of Liquid Web VPS For Clients

  • Devoted and High-performance server systems – It offers different server options based on the client’s requirements. The primary server has 16 GB RAM, while the most advanced variant provides 32 GB RAM.
  • Enhanced Security for the data – The safety features provided are VPN, firewalls, and scanners for Malware and Spyware.
  • Client-friendly Technical team – Solutions to the issues are provided through chats, phone calls, and various other modes of communication.

The Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting by Liquid Web provides the desired bandwidth and storage to each company, which does not lead to any leakage of data of a company with other companies. This enhances the security systems of the company.

The VPS environments are isolated from one another, which makes the process of transfer of data more safe and secure.

2. DDoS Attack Protection

DDoS, also referred to as Distributed Denial of Services, can lay a significant impact on the productivities of the company’s websites, irrespective of whether the business is small-scale or large scale.

As the websites are exposed to the internet which also, increases the attack surfaces, the Distributed Denial of Services is always a potential threat that can affect the outputs of the websites.

Advantages For DDoS Attack Protection For Clients

  • It can help to differentiate the client’s website from the other ones. DDoS Attack Protection service is considered to be a differentiator in terms of VPS Hosting, as it can help in distinguishing the website from other competitors. It can also aid in decreasing the price loss.
  • The availability of DDoS Attack Protection also assists in reducing the additional costs for the clients. It decreases the extra operational and revenue charges, which helps the clients who are on a budget.

In this Liquid Web VPS Hosting service, the user, by default, opts for DDoS Attack Protection. This means that it starts monitoring and handling the entire traffic that comes to the websites at a broader level. The company also makes use of Data Analytics and Threat Detection Systems for identifying the potential threats and attacks before those invade on the client’s websites.

3. Gigabit Transfer

This is one of the essential features which is undoubtedly looked upon while selecting an excellent VPS Hosting service. Gigabit Transfer refers to the amount of data that the client’s website can transfer to the users at a time. This bandwidth of data transfer is calculated in terms of Gigabytes (GB).

Advantage Of High Gigabit Transfer Rates For Clients

  • An increased Bandwidth predicts a quick Gigabit Transfer of data to the users, which adds to the plus points of the VPS Hosting company.
  • It assists in providing content to the users during the peak working hours. Also, it enables the website to accommodate more users at a time, which can increase the interactivity of the website.
  • It can help in decreasing the risks of crashing and lagging for the website, which can add on to the features of the site.

Liquid Web offers data transfers which are free of costs, for all the internal Gigabit bandwidth. This helps make the Liquid Web VPS the cheapest Windows VPS Hosting for consideration. Along with this, on a fast Gigabit network, it offers a 5 TB Bandwidth, which makes transfers quick and easy.

The Cloud Sites of the client’s websites include a disk space of 50 GB and a bandwidth of 500 GB.

4. Server Secure Advanced Security

The Server Secure protection systems provide a lot of extra safety services and customization options to the ordinary operating system of the client. Along with the Control Panel installation, this provision enhances the security setups, with an increase in the compatibility and reliability of the service.

Advantages Of ServerSecure Advanced Security For Clients

  • It helps in routine check-ups and analysis of the website, which can easily detect any Malware or Spyware.
  • It has difficult and hard to crack server configurations, which enhances and builds up the security systems of the client’s websites.
  • It comes with Anti-Virus software as well, which can protect the website from any potential attacks from Spywares and Malwares.

The Managed Linux VPS Hosting provides several services within the Server Protection plans it has to offer. It gives the ServerSecure Advanced security system as well, which helps in converting the regular operating system of the user into a highly functional security mechanism. Also, this feature is exclusively offered by Liquid Web.

Instead of wasting a lot of time in securing the server system, ServerSecure helps in transforming the operating system into a safe system.

5. Dedicated IP Address

Having a dedicated IP Address in VPS Hosting is very important as it helps in providing valid ownership to the client of the website. It offers a separate platform for the clients, without having them to share it with other competitors.

A lot of VPS Hosting services provide a dedicated IP address by default.

Advantages Of A Dedicated IP Address For The Clients

  • It simplifies the process of accessing the website. If there is a Dedicated IP address, the client can access the website personally anytime.
  • It can help in enhancing the Email capabilities of the client. It segregates your websites and Emails linked with it from other websites.
  • This feature enhances server control and uses it for the client. Instead of carrying out just limited tasks, the user can easily do a lot more with their websites.
  • It is also essential for the SSL Certificate of the client.

The Best Fast VPS Hosting aims at providing Dedicated IP addresses to single clients, which can add to the enriching experience of the clients. Also, it assists in increasing the level of transparency for different clients. It is perfect for increasing the level of stability and reputation of the VPS Hosting company, and Liquid Web does precisely the same to be one of the best in the market.

Pricing Of Liquid Web VPS Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting Services Plans

  • Linux 2 GB RAM

It offers 2vCPU, 40 GB SSD space, 10 TB Transfer, InterWorx, or cPanel Pro with Free 100 GB backup. This is the Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting.

Pricing – $39 per month with a 12-month plan, which has to be paid upfront. You can also choose the $59 per month version of the same plan to check out the service before investing heavily.

  • Linux 4 GB RAM

It offers 4vCPU, 100 GB SSD space, 10 TB transfer, InterWorx, or cPanel Pro with Free 100 GB backup. Also, this is a Cheap Linux VPS Hosting.

Pricing – $69 per month with a 12-month plan, which has to be paid before-hand or monthly $99, where you would have to pay for one month at a time.

  • Linux 6 GB RAM

It offers 8vCPU, 150 GB SSD space, 10 TB transfer, InterWorx, or cPanel Pro with Free 100 GB backup. This is not the cheapest option, but it can easily fit in the budget of the clients.

Pricing – $99 per month with a 12-month plan, which has to be paid in advance. Alternatively, you can choose the $139 per month plan which would make you pay less upfront.

  • Linux 8 GB RAM

It offers 8vCPU, 200 GB SSD space, 10 TB transfer, InterWorx, or cPanel Pro with Free 100 GB backup.

Pricing – $129 per month with a 12-month plan, which has to be paid upfront. In case that takes a toll on your pocket, you can also go for a monthly plan, which might cost you $189 per month.

Windows VPS Hosting Plans

If you are looking for the best Windows VPS hosting plans that give a performance boost for your business site, then you should get this steadfast Windows VPS solution from Liquid Web.

Check the impressive features of this best Windows VPS hosting!

What I Mostly Like In Liquid Web VPS Hosting?

What made me to write this Liquid Web VPS Hosting Review 2020? Have a look at the exceptional qualities that could make your site stand out from the crowd!

  • Fully managed VPS solution with powerful root access
  • You will get your own Virtual Private Server with high security
  • Affordable pricing plans with huge discount
  • Extensive disk space and 100 GB free backup
  • You can host unlimited sites with dedicated IP address
  • Best-in-class 24 X 7, Knowledgable technical support
  • Superfast server service when compared to DO, Rackspace, & AWS
  • WHMCS compatible for web hosting business.

Wrapping Up My Liquid Web VPS Hosting Review

If the client wishes to hold their businesses firmly for a long time, having an excellent Web Hosting service is essential. Web Hosting services can be very widely spread, but the client needs to analyze a lot of features before finalizing the one.

According to us, the Liquid Web VPS Hosting is an excellent option for such services. It caters to the needs and requirements of a lot of people, instead of just a few. There are a lot of large-scale companies that consider Liquid Web as their sole solution to VPS Hosting systems.

Also, it has dedicated and high-performance servers, which enhance the reliability of the hosting service. It has an excellent customer service system too, which is extremely helpful for the clients in case of technical errors and glitches.

Also, it is highly preferred as it provides the Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting plans, which can assist the clients financially. You may sit and get relax with this affordable server service. So, what do you think about this Liquid Web VPS hosting review? Share your viewpoint!

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