HostArmada Review – Best New Managed Hosting For WordPress

Do you want to try your hands to a new cloud hosting of SSD for your business site? If yes, then you must read my unbiased HostArmada review 2020.

COVID pandemic is changing the way we live, and everyone wants to take their business online. Especially, most of the small companies looking for the best way to create a website that attracts more clients.

We must thank WordPress as it makes the site creation process quick and straightforward.

As I’m an experienced WordPress theme designer, I used to get a lot of clients these days, and yes, the digital space is getting crowded with stunning websites.

Before starting to design their business sites with the best page builders and WordPress themes, I always recommend them to switch over to a reliable hosting server because it is the backbone of the website.

If the server of the business site often gets down, then they will lose the potential customers, and their reputation would also get spoiled. The frustrated audience never comes back to their business page and that would affect the product conversions.

So, I’m insisting the dedicated webmasters, bloggers, and internet enthusiasts to buy a steadfast hosting service with 24 x 7 technical support. As there exists a plethora of hosting companies, choosing the right one is a hectic task.

Of course, as a small business owner, you need to look at some essential factors while selecting the best hosting for WordPress. For the newbie, the service should be excellent and affordable as well because their budget is not significant at the initial phase.

If you are a dedicated business who looks for the best exposure for your product or service, then I would suggest a new player of the hosting industry, HostArmada, that has a handful of impressive features for its users.

Recently, I got an excellent opportunity to test their freshly launched hosting service, and few of the features fascinated me to write this HostArmada review through which I want to consolidate its outstanding features that would help your site to stand out from the crowd.

Before getting into the HostArmada hosting review, you should know about their fantastic launch offer in this summer that saves your hard-earned money.

HostArmada Discount


HostArmada is providing a new summer special hosting sale with a huge discount offer.

buy isotretinoin online yahoo answers You can grab an 85% discount for Cloud shared hosting and a 25% discount for its VPS hosting type.

Getting an unfailing cloud hosting service at $1.20/Mo is an excellent offer that may not be activated again. Don’t miss this money-saving offer; get it and start using it.

If you are hesitating to try this brand-new Cloud hosting for WordPress, then you are going to miss out and will regret it later!

HostArmada – Brief Intro


HostArmada is the emerging web hosting company that offers Cloud-based SDD hosting solutions for its clients. The mission of this independently owned hosting is to provide the superfast, reliable, and secure hosting service to gain satisfied customers.

The company is ensuring that its unfailing service is transparent, innovative, and tolerable for loyal users. They are a bunch of experienced members to manage all the server tasks from scratch and therefore they are able to maintain a good record in spite of heavy competition.

Valid Reasons To Go With HostArmada

1. Lightning-Fast Servers

The company has understood that the loading speed of the site is essential for a successful online presence. Hence, they are not making any compromise in offering the blazing fast service for the customers.

Yes, HostArmada uses the following technologies to boost the website loading speed.

  • Cloud SSD platform
  • LightSpeed cache plugin
  • Memcached Cache
  • Brotli compression
  • Cloudflare CDN &
  • APCu PHP integrated Cache
  • LightSpeed web server
  • Latest cPanel, PHP & MySQL

With a quick loading site, you can increase conversions and search engine rankings as well.

2. Reliable Security

HostArmada gives all-in-one security solutions for your website by implementing the security patching on a server level and isolates the user accounts.

The security tools have been divided into two significant Fleets like Web server security fleet and environment security fleet. So it is easy for them to prevent malicious attacks and standard code injected exploits.

They regularly do malware scans by implementing the Web Application Firewall solution. Intrusion detection & prevention system, Proactive Zero-day attack detection, and OS patch management are also included in the security features of the HostArmada cloud hosting service.

3. Email Features

Offering unlimited email accounts with Autoresponders is the best feature of cheap Cloud SSD hosting.

You will get the essential email features like Email forwarders, Catch-all emails, Webmail, DNS records, outbound email filtering, virus scanner, and GSuite integration to handle your business emails in a better way.

4. Affordable Pricing Plans

HostArmada offers competitive pricing plans for all types of hosting, like WordPress, Ecommerce, VPS Cloud, Dedicated CPU servers, Magento, and Development hosting.

Shared Cloud hosting plans start at $1.20/Mo, and the basic plan of VPS hosting costs $41.21/Mo, which is highly affordable for the tight budgeters.

Affordability is the highest benefit of HostArmada as you are getting the premium managed hosting for a cheaper price that cannot be delivered by their competitors.

5. Developer Friendly

I should have a word about the developer-friendly qualities in this HostArmada review. If you are a developer, then this best SSD hosting is very much suitable for your requirements.

SSH/Bash access, Python, Node.js, Git, WP CLI, Drush, Perl, and PHP frameworks are the available development features so that you can showcase your coding skills and take full control of your server for web development tasks.

6. Active Customer Support

I like their quick responsive technical support (Maximum within 10 minutes) of HostArmada. The team members are highly knowledgeable, and they can solve your difficulties at the earliest.

They are always online 24 x 7 and assist you promptly. You can reach customer support through ticket system, chat, or phone. The experienced team of HostArmada will provide web support, domain support, Email support, SSL support, and cPanel assistance.

Features That I Mostly Like

Here I’m summarizing my favorite features through this HostArmada review 2020!

  • Native SSD storage with the redundant network to offer superfast site loading
  • Fast security patching and daily backups for high reliability
  • No fee for domain name registration, enabling the SSL certificate and site migration
  • Drag & drop website builder to build the site from scratch
  • Maximum uptime guarantee – 99.9%
  • 45 days money-back guarantee and no fee for service cancelation
  • Worldwide data centers to provide fast connectivity
  • Active customer support within a 10-minute response time over a ticket and that too with detailed replies. No queues over the live chat, instant response.

Wrapping Up My HostArmada Review 2020

Even though HostArmada is a new web hosting provider, I was surprised by its superfast performance and all-time availability.

The only unfavorable thing of this cheap cloud hosting is the renewal fee, and yes, it is a little bit high, and hence the business start-ups and budding bloggers would get struggle to pay the high fees after the initial billing cycle.

I believe that the company will consider this pricing difficulty of the users during the renewal.

Apart from that, I don’t have any complaints about HostArmada hosting service. I’m satisfied with their SSD server performance that offers a stable service for dedicated professionals like me.

This managed cloud hosting company will never let your site down at any cost. I’m sure you will adore the free stuff, inexpensive pricing plans, and responsive customer support of HostArmada hosting.

Glad I got a chance to found and test their server service for one of my clients; it is perfect! It is my conclusion, and now, you tell. What do you think about this HostArmada review? Do you like their qualities? What is your displeasure about this managed SSD hosting?

You may share your viewpoints in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to grab their summer discount (which is enormous) before it ends.

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