Genesis Theme Review 2020 – Is It Still Worth Using?

Looking for the Genesis WordPress theme review to know whether it is worth buying or not? No worries! As I’m using the StudioPress themes, I can tell you its qualities, so that you can make a decision!

Genesis is a premium quality theme framework that works amazingly with WordPress. The software was created by StudioPress, it is a software company that created and managed by the CopyBlogger Media. Now, StudioPress is acquired by WordPress hosting company.

Genesis framework helps you build incredible websites with WordPress, it is actually very quick and easy. Also, Genesis provides the secure and search engine optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it would go. 

Activating powerful Genesis Framework on your WordPress site helps you to choose from a large section of high-quality themes that have been built for the framework.

Genesis Framework has always been at the top of WordPress and it contains the code that governs the underlying additional features, design, and functionality of your website. Here is the ultimate StudioPress Genesis Framework review, which will help you to choose a better theme for your website

A Genesis framework review 2020 is incomplete without discussing the top features. There are many reasons why  Genesis Framework has always been at the top of WordPress. 

Top 7 Genesis Framework Features 

Here are some highlights of the top features  of  StudiPress Genesis Framework 

Unlimited usage and lifetime customer support

With Genesis Framework you can be assured to get unlimited access to the support for an unlimited number of sites when you become the Genesis user and purchase the framework. Each theme have a detailed setup instructions which helps for the site up and execution with the desired look. 

How good are Genesis themes support? When we say Genesis WordPress theme review, you get ample of  need support for any specific questions,  the busy community forums are the ideal place.

You can post a question and wait for a response from the well-experienced members. You can also open a support ticket through your account area and you can expect a response within 24 hours (during weekdays) and within 48 hours (during the weekends or holidays).

High-Quality code

Superfast is the answer for the question How fast are Genesis themes?.  Genesis is well coded and making any changes to the underlying code is relatively easy and straight forward.

The clean and optimized code of this theme will result in a fast loading website (even if you do not plan on editing the underlying code of the Genesis Framework.

Developer Friendly Platform

Genesis Framework is considered as a developer-friendly platform because of its child theme and the lean code that used to build the Genesis framework. The comprehensive use of the hooks is another aspect of the framework and it boosts the developer-friendly credentials.

The hooks make it possible to insert the custom code into your theme templates files in the exact location that you want. Also, by using hooks you can create separate PHP function files in your theme folder.  The friendliness of the platform is what people look at in the  StudioPress theme review.

A Great community

Genesis community is super strong. There are  huge number of bloggers and users and who regular share tips and advice on getting the most out of the framework.

You will never be in short of people because of a large number of developers who specialized in Genesis theme customizations and builds. Genesis theme review is incomplete without talking about a strong community. 

Worth For Your Money

Even though Genesis theme and its child theme are separate entities, you can purchase both for a single price. The cost of two items will vary, with $99.95 being the typical price of the recently released StudiPress child theme and the framework.

Those who are creating their own child theme or those who are using  child theme created by a third party can purchase Genesis Framework on its own for $59. This is totally value for money if you are panning to use the theme on a long run. 

Trust Factor

 Genesis Framework is produced by the StudiPress and their professional developer team. StudioPress (Copyblogger Media) is a high-profile company that is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

Excellent Inbuilt Features

Some of the WordPress themes are offering tons of built-in features and those tons of in-built features will be notorious for slowing down the website. But, the Genesis theme only includes the built-in which is necessary for designing a website.

Genesis Theme Framework – Pros

What I mostly like in this SEO-friendly template? Let me tell you those through my Genesis WordPress theme review.

  • Speed and performance: A well-coded theme with great speed and performance. 
  • Affordable: It does not cost you a bomb, it is pretty cheap and affordable when comparing to the other themes. 
  • Expandable: By using plugins you can easily expand the functionality of your Genesis website
  • The layout options: Genesis theme easy to use, add your own content & images, and a lot of layout options available like default layout, color style, breadcrumbs, navigation, blog page template, etc.
  • Strong and reliable : When it comes to the performance and reliability on your WordPress website, there are only  two or three names, and Genesis is one of them, it works very well and it is reliable too.
  • Built-in security: Genesis theme framework and the child theme are coded with security in mind and you can combine this with your own security measures which eventually will result in a super safe environment. 
  • Built-in search engine optimization : A  lot of premium theme does not offer built-in SEO tools but the Genesis does. It allows you to add meta descriptions, meta keywords, document title, custom redirect URL, canonical URL, and robots meta setting and a lot more. 

Genesis Plugins List


It is more likely to take the Genesis powered website to the next level with the help of these essential plugins. All these third-party Genesis extensions are available for Free in the WordPress plugin repository. You can easily customize your site with the above-listed Genesis add-ons, so you may get the StudioPress theme license without any second thought.

Conclusion: Why Genesis WordPress theme is a worthy choice?

As I discussed under the Genesis WordPress theme review,  there are more than dozens of reasons to use this Genesis theme framework.

To make the most of the Genesis theme, you do not need to be a developer or designer. Using a child theme with  Genesis Framework, you can get a professional and unique look to your website. It is all about aesthetics and usability. 

Apart from these robust Genesis features, you can customize the theme to give a unique identity to your website (use your own logo, icons, images, or branding colors, etc.) with the help of plugins available.

In the end, if you want to build a secure, robust, and professional-looking website undoubtedly the Genesis framework is the best choice for you.

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