Generatepress vs Astra WordPress Theme Comparison

Struggling to choose between the best two WordPress themes and looking for the comparison, GeneratePress Vs Astra to pick the right one? If yes, then this blog post is for you!

Generatepress and Astra are the two best premium WordPress themes trending on the market and mostly preferred by internet marketers and dedicated bloggers to build attractive business sites.

If you are looking for the best and fast loading WordPress themes, then you must have heard or seen about these two giants and must be contemplating Generatepress vs Astra, which is excellent and comfortable to design the personalized site for business branding.

You cannot go wrong with either of these themes, both Generatepress and Astra theme is equally great. But if you got to select one over another, then it is a must to have a comparison between two to choose the best out of 2. Generatepress vs Astra, which one is the ideal choice? 

Generatepress is one of the best lightweight themes for WordPress lovers. It will give you the complete transformation in the way you design your sites with excellent performance and exceptional speed. It is a reliable choice for all the beginners and for those who don’t know to code.  

Similarly, the Astra WordPress theme is another best WordPress and is an extremely credible choice to boost your website’s functionalities and performance. You can build a stunning website in no time with Astra.

It is one of the lightning-fast WordPress themes, yet it is great on performance. Astra offers a lot of customizations and features which give a stylish look to your websites. 

Astra Vs GeneratePress – Quick Comparison

Before looking at the detailed battle, let’s do a quick comparison GeneratePress Vs Astra through the below table!


User Friendly

User friendly theme

User friendly theme 

Speed Test




SCHEMA Markup & Vanilla Script added for no more render blocking issue

SCHEMA Markup & Vanilla Script added for no more render blocking issue

Pre Build Demos

50+ Tempates

100+ Tempates

Page Builder Friendly

Yes. Compatible with Elementor, Beaver.

Yes. Compatible with Elementor, Beaver, Divi, Etc.

Woocommerce Compatability

Yes. Customization Available. But not like Astra.

Yes. Detailed Customization Available. Also several unique features than any other theme

Header & Footer Builder

No builder Available. but you can customize the Header & Footer

Yes. You can customize as per your requirements

Support and Documentation

Good support and Documentation available.

Premium Support available and also best documentation.

WordPress Theme Battle – GeneratePress Vs Astra

1. Speed Performance

Generatepress is a lightweight theme and you are assured to get good speed and performance for any sized website and blogs. If you are an online marketer and looking for the best WordPress theme that suits your need, then the Generatepress WordPress theme is an ideal choice.

Similar to the Generatepress theme, Astra’s theme is also the lightest. The team of the Astra theme states that it a feather-light theme and it just needs less than 50 KB. It offers you the fastest and great performance. Similar to the Generatepress theme, the Astra theme also makes use of Vanilla Javascript to prevent render-blocking JavaScript.

No more worrying about the page loading speed with Astra theme and Generatepress theme both are winners. 

Winner – Both

Page Builder Friendly

Astra is one of the brilliantly designed WordPress themes which is highly compatible with most of the page builders. You don’t need to shell extra money to purchase a new page builder.

The best part about using Astra’s theme is, you can do a lot more with just a single page builder. With the efficient page builders offered by Astra, you can whip up the amazing looking page in no time.

Unfortunately, the Generatepress lacks many options and versatility of page builders. Yes, it is somewhat tough to build the custom layout with GeneratePress + favorite page builder.

Winner – Astra

Pre-built Demos

With Astra, you can get access to tons of pre-built demos templates. You can build an astonishing website for your business as well as a blog in no time. With the combination of different demos and plugin, you are assured to pull target traffic to your website. 

GeneratePress also offers the demo styles but not full websites like Astra. You have to work again to make it a complete site.

Under the race of pre-built demos of Astra vs GeneratePress theme, Astra is the clear winner.

Winner – Astra

WooCommerce Compatibility

WooCommerce is the most powerful eCommerce plug-in for WordPress, Astra theme offers full support. With the WooCommerce plug-in, the Astra theme is a flexible, intuitive, and fast theme. 

Generatepress premium theme offers decent support to WooCommerce, with the premium add ons you can tweak the layout color and typography.

However, when it comes to versatility and an alluring look of WooCommerce, Astra theme tops the chart.  If you are a serious retail maker and if you want to build up an amazing eCommerce portal, then you must go for Astra theme.

Winner – Astra

SEO Friendly 

 Generatepress theme is extremely light, be it the speed security and stability everything is perfect. Similarly, Astra is famous for its lightning-fast speed and effortless compatibility.

Both themes are SEO friendly and perfect for all types of niche. If you want the best loading speed of your website, you can opt for any of these 2 WordPress themes.

Winner – Both


Both Astra and Generatepress offer a wide array of typography options to the users. The amazing options include a high level of customization of google fonts, the inclusion of local fonts, variants, and a lot more. You can attract audience attention with amazing font options.

Winner – Both

GeneratePress vs Astra – Who Is The Winner?

Both Generatepress and Astra are incredible WordPress choice, it is hard to declare the winner because both the themes are loaded with features and excellent for all the beginners as well as experts.

But, when it comes to Generatepress vs Astra, Astra tops the charge, all thanks to the incredible features and exceptionally well loading time.

Generatepress is also a great them but it falls an edge behind Astra due to the famous Elementor template. Hence, we say Generatepress vs Astra, Astra tops the chart and it is a clear winner

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