Duda Vs WordPress – Which Website Builder Should You Get?

Are you an aspiring blogger? Do you wish to develop and run a website? You must look for a reliable platform that can kick start your blogging journey. When you have a business website, having a reliable platform is significant. 

All you need is a reliable ‘Website Builder’. A website builder allows users to build blogs and websites without the need for manual coding. Nowadays, it generally follows a ‘drag and drops’ trend.

These handy tools allow the user to design the blog or website to their taste and helps them make unique customizations. Duda and WordPress are 2 of the most famous and most relied upon website builders. buy Ivermectin online Duda or WordPress, which is a better builder?

WordPress Vs Duda – Detailed Comparison

Before getting start on can you order clomid online Duda Vs WordPress, lets look at the individual platforms. 



Duda is a ‘do it yourself’ website builder. Like most other website builders, it also uses a drag and drops editor. It allows users to perform multiple customizations.

Duda is one of the big-league website builders as it has aided more than 450,000 businesses to design their websites. It has won more than 20 industry awards and was named PCMag’s Editors’ Choice website builder in 2018. Duda has the following features:

  • Uses drag and drop editor
  • Hassle-free web-design
  • Shorter development duration
  • Supports search engine optimization
  • Free SSL encryption
  • Responsive design
  • Quicker return on investment (ROI)
  • Best in class client management
  • Free trial version



It is surely the leading website builder. It has a huge community and lots of active users. It may easily be one of the most famous and developed website builders. WordPress is in always on the top position because it offers its users the ability to perform functions that no other website builder provides.

WordPress or WP page builder allows users to design amazing blogs and websites using its drag and drop editor. It has a free version that offers users an amazing assortment of widgets, themes, and plugins to access. When it comes to Duda Vs WordPress, WordPress is far better and here is why  

  • Create a responsive website or blog designs
  • Lots of free themes to choose from
  • Personalized customizations
  • Amazing collection of widgets and plugins
  • Active community
  • Create custom domains
  • Free version and paid versions available
  • Mobile friendly
  • Built-in social sharing
  • Site analytics

Difference between Duda and WordPress:

Duda and WordPress are both awesome website builders. But there can only be one reigning champion.

So,  let us go through their features and see how one bests the other. Here are the top factors where you can find notable differences between Duda and WordPress.

Duda Vs WordPress Cost

When we say, the Duda and WordPress comparison , WordPress has 4 pricing options: one is  free (for life) version, the others are the personal, premium, business, and e-commerce versions. 

Duda on the other hand only offers a 14 days free trial version, after which users may have to opt for the basic, team, or agency version. Concerning the paid versions, WordPress is relatively cheaper than Duda.

Ease of use

Concerning ease of use, Duda is relatively easier to use as is super simple and has limited tools. Duda’s drag and drop feature is also easier to use. But WordPress has a lot of tools to work with. This may confuse beginners and hence dissuade them from opting for it.

But in the long run, WordPress is better; it’s always good to have a wide assortment of tools.  The ease of use is a crucial factor when you are struggling to decide on WordPress Vs Duda, which is the best?

Templates and Designing 

Want to check on Duda Vs WordPress ? the designing matters a lot. WordPress provides users with  a much greater choice of free templates than Duda. This is because WordPress has been established for quite some time now and its community members actively develop and make available new themes. 

Duda lacks this and hence has a very limited number of templates to choose from.

WordPress Vs Duda Functions

If you want to decide on the WordPress or Duda, which is good for SEO , you must take a look on the functionality. There  is no doubt that WordPress is any day  dominator. WordPress provides a greater choice of widgets and plugins to work with, as opposed to Duda. Users can perform complex customizations with WordPress.


WordPress has an active and growing community. WordPress’s community is its backbone and the reason for its dominating over other website builders.

The same can’t be said for Duda because this platform is comparatively new and have a lesser audience. In the race of Duda Vs WordPress, WordPress clearly wins all thanks to the smart community. 

Customer care support

In terms of customer care support, Duda has a very supportive team that is available to aid you. This team is professionally trained to be of service to you.

WordPress compensates for this with its community, but not everyone in the community may be professionally trained to help you. But WordPress community offers a lot of perspectives towards overcoming their issue, which Duda can’t.

Duda Vs WordPress For Blogging

For blogging, WordPress is undoubtedly best. WordPress was initially created for blogging rather than websites. 

Duda is still managing to emerge in the blogging network. But, Duda provides you with advanced tools and unlimited storage if you are looking to launch a non-commercialize blog.

For Small Businesses

For young and budding businesses that seek to launch a simple design website, opt for Duda. 

But if you wish to take your business to the next level and for more advanced features, choose WordPress. The biggest benefit of WordPress is incredible flexibility. 

Time consumption

When we look at Duda , it works as a  easier and less time consuming platform.  Duda is  the perfect choice for beginners who want to get started in no time.

With Duda you can get access to more than 100+, hence you can create a website in no time.  whereas WordPress is time-consuming and to create an alluring website it is must have a bit of coding knowledge. 

WordPress Vs Duda E-Commerce

Concerning e-commerce compatibility, both are good contenders, but WordPress’ has more economic or cheaper e-commerce plans than Duda. If you are planning to develop a business website with e-Commerce, nothing can be as seamless as WordPress.  

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Wrapping Up – Which Website Builder Should You Get?

You might have the question in mind Is Duda better than WordPress? It is relatively much better to opt for WordPress for future perspectives. Duda may be a good choice for beginners, simplicity, and lesser time consumption, but WordPress is far more advanced than Duda.

So, if are looking for simple and less confusing tools, go for Duda. If you aim to launch something complex and unique and are looking for lots of tools to work with, go for WordPress.

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