How to Create a Photography Website Using WordPress?

buy Misoprostol oral Are you a photographer or artist looking to highlight the efforts? Then create a photography website in WordPress and showcase the best pictures. Moreover, we can sell the best photographs and arts on the WordPress website and make revenue from that. So, how to create a photography website? Now it is simple with WordPress and Imagely themes and then plugins. It offers the best photography WordPress theme and the NextGen gallery plugin to create a Photography website.

Furthermore, A Photography website needs more security to protect our incredible pictures. The portfolio pages on the website help to highlight our work with experience. The eCommerce operation integrated with the photography site converts the website into a revenue source by selling the best works. We can promote our paintings and then pictures using social media promotions. The grid and then slider arrangement of images makes the website to become powerful for photography.

How to Create a Photography website to sell the best Pictures?

We can create the best photography website in seven steps using WordPress and then Imagely. We can showcase the best photo work and sell the photograph using the photography website. The responsive website design makes it can better display pictures on any devices such as mobile, desktops, and then tablets. The seven Steps are listed below.

  1. Choose a Domain and Hosting
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Select Suitable Theme for Photography
  4. Add Right Gallery Plugin
  5. Create Portfolio Pages
  6. Promote with Social Media Channels
  7. Sell Photography in WordPress

We will see the detailed information on creating photography websites with WordPress.

1. Choose a Domain and Hosting

First, we must choose the best domain name that connects with the photographic or artistic content. We can check the domain name availability with domain name providers like or Godaddy. Once we have found a suitable domain name for our website using the domain name search. Buy the domain with privacy protection.

Now is the time to select the best hosting for the photography website to store images. Better performance with hosting servers, uptime, CDN availability, security, and then advanced caching techniques helps the hosting service better for Photography website. We can choose managed cloud hosting from Cloudways for a photography website. It helps to select server resources with scalable features and then makes the photography website load images faster with CDN support.

The DNS records management and then SSL protection for the domain with backup features make the Coludways become the best option. Moreover, the application monitoring with a better user interface helps to create a WordPress website with a single click.

2. Install WordPress Using Managed Hosting Control Panel

The managed WordPress hosting is the right choice for photography and then artistic website creation. One-click application installer available in the hosting control panel helps to install WordPress with simple configuration settings. We can use Softaculous-like apps to install WordPress in the purchased domain. Before that, we need to add DNS records for the domain in the Hosting control panel.

Some hosting services may offer a free domain for a year with their hosting plans. The security of the WordPress websites and then protection against vulnerabilities make WordPress the right choice for Photography websites. Moreover, we can create the Home page, Portfolio page, gallery page, and other pages to highlight the photos with descriptions in WordPress.

3. Select Suitable Theme for Photography

Once we have installed WordPress in the purchased domain, select the suitable theme for the photography website. Here, we use Imagely WordPress photographic themes to create a photography website. It helps to put images in front. Moreover, it is a flexible theme to create galleries with responsive layouts. So we can see the photography images on any device.

Apart from the design opportunities, the theme has Speed and SEO-rich code architecture. It makes the image the right choice for photography website creation. Limitless photography designs are available in the Imagely theme with multiple homepage templates. So, we can use a portfolio, image, and video gallery on the website’s home page.

Image themes have better gallery management with thumbnails. Moreover, image watermarking helps secure image display with the mobile-first approach. It gives a better speed for the photography websites and makes them engaging for google search visitors.  

4. Add Right Gallery Plugin to showcase photographs

For the best Photography websites, We should highlight the best photos with Portfolio pages and galleries. The NextGen gallery plugin is the first choice for photography website creation. It uses to display our photographs and artistic images as grid, masonry, Mosaic, and carousal galleries. Moreover, it engages the audience with lightbox galleries.

We can make image galleries with light boxes and captions. It also helps customize images and their thumbnails for a better fit with responsive gallery layouts. Moreover, we can manage the gallery images with multiple uploads and automatic backups. The Nextgen gallery helps to sort, exclude and combine images within the galleries.

5. Create Portfolio Pages on the Photography website

By using the Imagely WordPress photography themes, we can display special photographs on the portfolio pages. Apart from the homepage sliders and gallery arrangements, we have portfolio pages to express the best images. More than sixty plus Photocrati designs are available, and it helps to display images better with photography websites.

We can automatically print the images from the galleries; It supports the photographers and artists for their work to be expressed with WordPress websites. This photography theme has 19 plus home page styles with WordPress blog editor for creating photography websites.

6. Promote with Social Media Channels

The Photography images are optimized with open graphs and Twitter cards for sharing with lightboxes. Our photography and artistic images can be exported, shared, and sell with photography websites with imagely. We can use a drag and drop WordPress menu builder to add internal pages. We can use hover, transparency, and animation for the gallery images on various devices.

The open graph automatically helps to share images on social media networks, Facebook and LinkedIn. It has the image information displayed while sharing on social sites like Twitter.

Moreover, we can manage, display images and add testimonial proofs to sell the photographs. We can add photo proofing with our client workflow in the photographic websites. The nextgen pro gallery plugin helps add discount coupons to the photographic image promotions. We can sell the images with eCommerce operations.

7. Sell Photography on WordPress Websites

We can create a photography website in WordPress using the Nextgen gallery plugin. Moreover, it helps to sell the images directly from the WordPress websites. We have the eCommerce system integration with PayPal and Stripe payment systems. It helps to accept credit card payments using a stripe payment gateway.

The digital download for the images is available after the payment completion. The watermark options help to protect the images on the photography websites. We have complete control over the size and pricing for the photographic images. More than 20 plus gallery designs are available to create a photography website with an album inside the grid.

Conclusion – How to Create Photography Website Using WordPress

By Wrapping Up the article, create a photography website using WordPress, Image photography themes, and then plugins. Moreover, the Nextgen gallery plugin helps to display the photographic images with grid, masonry, mosaic, and slider gallery designs. The responsive gallery templates help to display photographs better on various devices.

In the end, we can create a photography website in WordPress using imagely themes and the Nextgen gallery plugin. It helps to highlight the best photographs with slider and portfolio pages. We can also sell the images on the photography website with eCommerce functions, PayPal, and then Stripes payment options. The best hosting with CDN and better server resources helps to increase the page speed even on photography websites.

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