6 Best WordPress Speed Themes 2021

Are you tired of slow loading webpage optimization? Now fastest themes are available for your WordPress website. Around the WordPress website builder, we have many new WordPress themes ricing every year with new features and template designs. We need to identify a suitable WordPress theme for our business services. The best WordPress theme should satisfy business owners, designers, and customers of the business.

The WordPress speed themes should have the features to implement the business services, design, and customization options for web designers to achieve the designs which have a fantastic look and feel for user engagement with faster navigation access. We will discuss the speed factors in the themes listed below.

Why Do We Need WordPress Speed Themes?

The speed themes are always suitable for the business people who do eCommerce operations on their website. The faster product display makes the better conversion in sales and good customer engagement during the checkout process. In addition, we can achieve more responsive designs by using speed theme templates to increase mobile usage.

The fast-loading web pages can maintain good uptime during people’s visits from the search engine result pages. It can be helpful because people can spend a long time on your website and know about the product well. For content marketing, the fastest content delivery is possible by the WordPress speed theme templates. 

Top WordPress Themes For Speed In 2021

The Speed of a webpage depends on the WordPress theme layouts and the scripts used to construct the theme. The jQuery, Javascript, CSS usage in theme files will change the theme speeds. The renter blocking scripts used in the themes may slow down the web pages.

The number of HTML requests to load the complete web pages can be restricted as much as possible. Now here we will have the best WordPress themes for speed with awesome business features.

1. Astra Theme

WP Astra theme is the fastest WordPress theme, especially for website builders, so that we can design unique designs for your business premises. WP Astra uses No jQuery codes in its source code, so the render-blocking scripts are avoided in the WP Astra theme. Instead, it uses Vanilla Javascript for faster performance whenever jQuery is required.

It is a lightweight theme to install with less space in your website building; just less than 50KB usually WordPress themes require 300KB. So with default CMS, the WP Astra theme loads very fast, i.e., less than half a second.

Features of WP Astra Theme

  • Astra theme has the most extensive library of pre-built theme templates for various business environments.
  • It has a live Visual theme customizer to customize every part of the theme with drag and drop options. 
  • It uses layout settings, header, blog archives, colours, and typography options to customize web pages.
  • It uses Gutenberg editor for block content, and it can also integrate many page builders such as elementor, beaver builder.
  • Astra has Woocommerce and Learndash integrations for membership product sales and online course delivery.
  • Astra uses the yoast plugin for SEO and markup schema options for every webpage.
  • It is a free theme available in the WordPress library with pro options and better support with excellent documentation.

2. Neve Theme

Neve WordPress speed theme available with mobile-first design. It provides special care about the theme templates availability over the gadgets with responsiveness. And it uses mobile accelerated theme layouts for web pages. So the Speed is always better in desktop users with its elegancy.

This speed theme WordPress uses No jQuery in its theme design with optimized source code for faster loads. It is the fast theme in many google page insights. The Speed of the web page constructed by Neve is just 0.6 seconds with default WordPress. It is a very lightweight theme, about 28KB, with all features inside, such as eCommerce and full customization options.

Features of Neve Theme

  • Neve theme is available with mobile-ready layouts with accelerated Speed.
  • It has 80+ ready to import theme templates and designs for many business premises with a single page website.
  • Neve has many page builder integrations for custom layout designs such as elementor, divi, brizy, beaver builder, site origin, visual composer, etc.
  • It provides complete control over the customization with blog booster, header booster, footer booster, elementor booster, woocommerce booster with white label.
  • Neve has one click rollback options so we can recover the design at any stage.
  • It uses SEO friendly markup with the easy upgrade and faster support.

3. Hello Elementor Theme

The Elementor is the best WordPress page builder theme with many elements for webpage customization and design. However, because of many element usages, the page load time increased, so they come up with a solution Hello Elementor theme. It provides fast page loading with Elementor customization options.

Hello theme uses minimum CSS styling and a lightweight theme for fast-loading web pages with Elementor options. It uses only two server requests and just 6KB size and loads in 1/4th of a second. It is the best WordPress theme for SEO and speed has clean code and architecture is the best choice to construct any design for business applications.

Features of Hello Elementor

  • It is SEO friendly theme optimized for a good page speed experience.
  • Hello uses all 90+ elementor widgets to customize every part of the theme, so it is the best choice for freelancers.
  • It has many starter themes for the ideal design for business websites.
  • The header and footer can be customized with drag and drop elements.
  • Elementor theme builder used to construct the global parts of the theme with minimum style.
  • It is a fully responsive theme with a WooCommerce integration feature.

4. GeneratePress

The GeneratePress theme is different from other themes listed here. It uses blocks based design in its theme parts for fast loading and easy accessibility. So many designers and agencies are liked the theme for theme stability and ease of customization by drag and drop with blocks.

The GeneratePress uses 2HTTP requests and just 7.5 KB of page size to create a custom design without affecting the speed performance. Multi-language support with generate blocks options provide every once to design a website without touching the codes. Moreover, it is an open-source theme available with premium options.

Features of GeneratePress

  • It has a theme builder with dynamic block elements with total freedom to customization.
  • It uses a hook system we can add and block elements anywhere in the theme template.
  • GeneratePress has many styling controls such as colours, typography and background image with mobile header options.
  • The block content can be edited by drag and drop in custom templates such as 404 pages, author cards and single page templates.
  • GeneratePress has many readymade websites in its library with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. OceanWP Theme

OceanWP is the Multipurpose WordPress Speed theme available for eCommerce websites and business websites. The Ecommerce website provides many single product options with adjustable elements such as title, pricing, rating, quantity, add to cart, and product meta. So it offers complete control to users during product shopping.

This best WordPress theme speed is also the best-suited theme for content creators to deliver the content to the users. The Ocean WP uses an SEO markup schema for search optimizations. It uses many blog page layouts, nine post elements such as title, meta, tag, and six metadata elements for excellent on-page SEO.

Features of OceanWP Theme

  • It is the fully customizable theme with global fonts, typography and site layouts with drag and drop options.
  • Header optimization has seven elements with three navigation menu bar options in the mobile header as well.
  • It uses 4 page layouts, Breadcrumbs, full-colour with typography settings and an adjustable header tag for SEO operations.
  • Its WooCommerce integration has a shop, product page, multi-step checkouts, off-canvas filter for its product listing and sales.
  • OceanWP uses a sidebar cart, menu cart and distraction-free shopping and checkout carts for ecommerce operations.

6. Blocksy Theme

Blocksy is the best WordPress speed theme with eCommerce-ready features. It uses code splitting for faster loading web pages. It is a lightweight theme with the best speed optimization techniques such as react, webpack, babel, and ECMAscript7. The blocksy theme has a block editor for its content page templates.

This page speed WordPress theme use Schema markup, GDPR compliant theme with SEO optimized source code architecture. It uses no jQuery for better page speed with a fully responsive theme. It has inbuilt Gutenberg blocks with live edit customization options.

Features of Blocksy theme

  • It has many Starter website templates for different business operations.
  • Blocksy is a fully customizable theme with the global colour palette and typography styles.
  • The blog layouts and custom layouts can be constructed using page builders such as element, brizy, Gutenberg and Beaver builder.
  • It uses a header builder with nine elements, a footer, a sidebar widget builder, and drag and drop options.
  • Blocksy uses Woocommerce integration with ajax script and five different product display layouts. 
  • Its block editor has list, gallery, media and column block options in its content layouts.

Wrapping It Up: Best WordPress Themes For Speed

Google includes Core Web Vitals in search consoles, and now it becomes an essential factor in measuring web page speed. The above-listed themes provide the best speed performances with these metrics to implement design for various business services. The best WordPress speed theme should also pass these google updates.

I strongly recommend WP Astra as one of the best WordPress themes for speed because of its lightweight, clean code architecture with no jQuery renter blocking script. It uses a vanilla script for faster page loading. Complete customization control, WooCommerce options, hook filter for custom layout, and Yoast SEO make it is for my choice.

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