7 Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Rank Higher SERPs

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

The Best WordPress SEO plugins help to rank WordPress pages better in search engines. Here we have seven SEO plugins that help index and crawl WordPress pages for any search terms. These plugins cover on-page and off-page SEO options to rank higher in search engine results. Moreover, the performance improvement options help to lead web pages faster during the user request.

Furthermore, these plugins help to generate more traffic from organic search engines. We can analyze the broken links and make better internal linking to improve WordPress SEO. Moreover, we can do local SEO and WooCommerce SEO using these plugins. To rank higher in search engines for the particular search term, we should include focused and relative keywords using the best WordPress SEO plugins installed on the WordPress websites.

Top 7 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

These seven WordPress SEO plugins help in local SEO, on-page, off-page SEO, linking, and keyword optimization techniques. Moreover, we can generate XML sitemaps and submit them to different search engines to crawl the WordPress pages faster for indexing. Apart from that, the SEO audit checklist features in the plugin help to analyze the website’s SEO to get more traffic. We can also create video sitemaps and use mobile SEO to generate more organic traffic.

1. Yoast SEO Plugin the best WordPress SEO plugins

Yoast is the best WordPress SEO plugins for free and premium features. It helps to optimize the WordPress pages with focus Keywords. While considering on-page SEO, such as Keyword optimization and linking building, the Yoast SEO plugin is the best choice. It helps to optimize the WordPress pages, including Title, title tags, Meta descriptions, and internal out links. Moreover, it helps to check the alt tag in the images to improve the page performance. We can optimize the WordPress site using Keywords.

http://landmarkinn.com/ Features of Yoast SEO plugin

  • Yoast plugin for WordPress is available for Local, News, and Video SEO.
  • It will take care of all technical SEO in the WordPress Pages.
  • It helps to increase content quality with readability checks.
  • We can do a solid internal linking structure using the Yoast plugin.
  • It helps to get more visitors from Google and social media.

2. Google XML Sitemap

Google XML sitemap plugin is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins to generate XML sitemaps and submit them to the search engine. We can generate special sitemaps for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. It helps search engine crawlers to find newly published WordPress pages and index them faster during the search request. So, we get more traffic from organic searches from various search engines. Moreover, we can set up a priority for generating sitemaps to submit to search engines.

http://smragan.com/2.php Features of Google XML Sitemaps

  • We can create XML sitemaps for all search engines with unique options.
  • It helps have the sitemap configuration options to include and exclude category and tag archives.
  • We can set up priority to generate XML sitemaps in a repeated interval.
  • The installation is simpler than other plugin installations in the WordPress dashboard with configuration settings.
  • It helps create and submit a unique sitemap for different search engines.

3. Broken Link Checker

The broken link checker is the right WordPress SEO plugin to remove dead links. Moreover, it helps to protect WordPress sites from 404 errors. It monitors our websites’ internal and external links and fixes the wrong links to improve SEO performance. It replaces the link placed in more than one place on a WordPress page. We can unlink the unwanted links available on the web page. The redirect options are available for the broken links.

Features of Broken Link Checker

  • This plugin monitors internal and external links in posts, pages, comments, and even in the blog roll.
  • It detects missing and broken links with redirect options.
  • Moreover, it notifies the broken links by email.
  • We can edit the links manually on the plugin page itself.
  • We can prevent the search engine from following through with missing and broken links.

4. All in One SEO

All-in-one SEO is an important WordPress SEO plugin required for websites and blogs. It has multiple features included in the pack to improve Search engine ranking for WordPress pages. It includes the elements of smart XML sitemaps, Woocommrece SEO, On-page SEO analysis, and SEO audit checks that help to analyze the entire website. Moreover, we can easily add titles, Meta descriptions, and keywords for on-page optimization. It is the best WordPress SEO Plugins to rank higher in SERPs.

Features of All in One SEO

  • We can do local, video, and Woocommerce SEO with SEO-optimizer.
  • Link assistant helps to build the best internal linking structure within the website.
  • Manage redirects to avoid missing links and broken links.
  • The rich snippet schema is available to get more traffic in organic search.
  • Robot.txt editor instructs the crawler to crawl the folder and files.

5. Rank Math SEO suite Plugin

Rank Math SEO suite is one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins to get more traffic from search engines. This plugin uses a clean and simple user interface with advanced snippet options. A Personal AI assistant helps you know the words and phrases in the web page content. Moreover, a progressive SEO analytics module uses to monitor the keywords, sitemap statues, and indexing issues. Furthermore, we can identify the indexing issues content and last crawl time using the Rank math SEO suite plugin.

Features of Rank Math SEO suite

  • We can rewrite the content based on the keyword suggestions.
  • It has an advanced schema generator for structured content on posts.
  • Schema markup helps to import the content from URLs.
  • The markup validation can be done in the WordPress dashboard.

6. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache is the performance optimization plugin that generates fast-loading pages and posts with WordPress. We can speed up our website using themes and remember that a 100ms difference in page can lose a customer. We can use Google page insights to monitor page speed performance. It has an easy setup with hosting and improves 10 x speeds. Moreover, it can increase the performance of mobile users as well.

Features of W3 total cache

  • It caches pages with minified and compressed form for posts and pages storage on disk.
  • This plugin uses CDN to deliver the web content faster upon user request.
  • Moreover, it uses CSS and JavaScript minification to load WordPress pages faster.
  • The webP image conversion can increase site performance.
  • It has SSL and AMP support for security and then SEO performance improvements.

7. AMP for WP

The AMP for WP is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins for mobile users. The accelerated mobile pages for WordPress use to deliver faster content for mobile users. It offers a greater page experience with better user engagement on mobile devices. It is best suited for developers and implementers to construct fast-loading websites. The AMP for WP automates the AMP validation markup and performs better on mobile devices.

Features of AMP for WP

  • It converts websites with limited CSS of 75km for WordPress pages.
  • We can optimize the website for mobiles with minification and then AMP linking.
  • It has the best validation tools to deal with mobile pages.
  • AMP uses standard, traditional, and reader modes for mobile view acceleration for webpages.
  • Multiple mobile themes are available for the AMP websites so that we can choose the suitable one.

Conclusion – Best WordPress SEO Plugins

By wrapping up the best WordPress SEO plugins for Rank improvement, Search engine result pages. It started by generating sitemaps and submits in search engines. In the next stage, we should do on-page SEO with focus keywords. It includes Title, Meta description, and keyword density optimizations. Local, mobile, video and Woocommerce SEO options should be considered while choosing the best WordPress SEO plugins.

In the end, Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins to improve on-page SEO. It provides suggestions to enhance WordPress page SEO for a higher rank in search engines. We can suggest the title tags, Meta description and keyword usage, and post length for best optimization. Apart from that, the readability check can improve the SEO performance with the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.

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