7 Best WordPress Membership Plugins

Best WordPress Membership Plugins

Are you searching for the best WordPress membership plugins? These plugins are used to create and sell digital products in WordPress. We can create a subscription-based website to deliver membership products or coaching programs. For this, these plugins use different membership levels and the lifetime of each membership level.

So, we can sell these membership levels using the best payment gateway integration. The best WordPress membership plugins are used to create free and then paid membership sites with multiple payment options. They are trial-based, one-time, and recurring payments with monthly, quarterly, and then yearly as well. Moreover, the downloadable products, coaching programs, and webinar events are sold using membership sites.

Top 7 Best WordPress Membership Plugins

The top seven WordPress membership plugins should have better member management options. They should use an email autoresponder service with marketing options for lead processing during sales. Moreover, the email autoresponder service can provide customer follow-through and membership site login access. These plugins should have third-party tools integrations like email marketing services, payment gateways, and then CRM. Furthermore, the affiliate management tools help in revenue sharing among the members involved in boosting sales.

1. MemberPress – the best WordPress membership plugins

MemberPress is one of the best WordPress membership plugins with all-in-one membership features to create subscription websites. It uses content dripping to deliver membership content to different membership levels. Moreover, we can manage members in easy to use membership dashboard. It helps sell online courses, digital downloads, and corporate memberships with free, one-time, and then recurring payment options. Furthermore, the coupon codes help promote the membership sites with pricing pages.

Features of MemberPress Plugin

  • We can create online courses with a powerful LMS platform to deliver content.
  • It accepts apple pay, Google wallet, credit card, cash, and then check to collect membership payments.
  • MemberPress fully integrates with the easy affiliate for referral marketing and then cookie tracking.
  • It helps to build a community using membership levels creations.
  • We have customizable checkout options for subscription billing.

2. Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member is the best-suited membership plugin to create online courses and coaching programs. It offers the best methods to deliver membership content with recurring payments throughout the course. Moreover, we can use one-time payment options for membership subscriptions. Wishlist Member plugin uses to create successful membership sites easier with simple software and then an easy-to-follow workflow. Dedicated customer support also gives technical support while creating subscription sites.

Features of Wishlist Member Plugin

  • It uses to create unlimited access to memberships, contents, levels, and then everything.
  • With Wishlist Member, we can easily protect our content, such as images, folders, PDFs, pages, posts, categories, and others.
  • It has multiple payment options to collect membership payments, such as PayPal, stripe, keap, etc.
  • Fully integrates with email marketing service and payment gateways for membership processing.
  • Moreover, LMS plugins and page builders are available to set up an online course to sell using Wishlist Member.

3. MemberMouse

Member Mouse is the enterprise-level membership plugin to create subscription sites to sell digital products. It helps to sell the product using memberships, products, and subscriptions with custom checkout options. Moreover, coupon codes are available for promotional offers to boost membership subscriptions. With the auto-lock feature, we can easily protect WordPress pages and even premium content like videos, PDFs, and software. So, we create a membership site using the best WordPress membership plugins like member mouse.

Features of Member Mouse plugin

  • It has a better members-only area with engagement statistics that helps to track the members.
  • We can create free and paid memberships with CRM for member management.
  • It has dynamic checkout pages to sell the product, and then one-click upsell possible.
  • We can protect content with better access control using recurring billing.
  • It uses automated workflow for payment processing with an email marketing service.

4. LearnDash

LearnDash is one of the best WordPress membership plugins for creating online courses, coaching programs, and even webinar courses for selling. It is a powerful learning management system to create engaging online courses and then deliver them using subscription options. It is the best e-learning platform to provide full content in a structured format. Moreover, it uses quizzes and surveys for a better e-learning experience with analytics tracking.

Features of LearnDash

  • We can use pricing models like one-time, memberships, recurring, and then bundle subscriptions.
  • It uses 300 plus checkout options to get payment from different countries.
  • We have automatic notification of renewal remainder with membership expiry notifications.
  • The scheduled content access can reduce the refund rates during the course progress.
  • It has better community support with videos and then tutorials to set up online courses.

5. Restrict Content Pro

The restrict content pro has powerful tools to protect WordPress content and deliver the content using a membership subscription. It is the best-suited membership plugin to convert a WordPress site into a membership website. We can easily create different memberships with free and paid levels using restrict content pro. It helps to offer discounts and coupon codes on the checkout pages for membership site promotions.

Features of Restrict Content Pro

  • We can offer partial content protection with WordPress websites.
  • It manages membership levels, access levels, and then members within the dashboard.
  • It has theme integration with editable templates to deliver membership content.
  • The restrict content pro is fully integrated with mail chimp, active campaign, and convert kit.
  • We can do multiple payment gateway integrations with API.

6. ARMember

ARMember is one of the best WordPress membership plugins to create subscription-based websites with a free license. Moreover, these plus are used for multi-dimensional business membership creations. It includes online courses, corporate membership training, and community membership levels. We can monetize the membership sites with different levels using better payment gateway integrations. Furthermore, It uses one-time, recurring, and charges per post payment methods.

Features of ARMember

  • ARMember provides easy rules for content restrictions such as pages, categories, and URLs.
  • Partial content and user-wise content protection are also possible with the ARMember plugin.
  • Public member profiles and direction templates build a community with achievement badges.
  • It provides drip content rules to offer scheduled content to the members.
  • Third-party pop-up forms are available for login and signups.

7. S2Member

S2Member is the best WordPress Membership plugin to protect pages, categories, posts, tags, and URLs on WordPress websites. It has partial content protection with login access for a complete view of the content. Moreover, we can protect the downloadable files and even streaming videos and audio inside the membership site. Furthermore, membership selling is available with recurring payments using the right payment gateway integrations.

Features of S2Member

  • We can create custom pages and registration forms for membership sites.
  • It has PayPal, Stripe, and authorize.net integration to collect membership payments.
  • Content restriction with WordPress roles can protect partial content.
  • It gives more protection for login attempts using a brute-force algorithm.
  • We can protect audio and video streaming with bbPress-like forum integrations.

Conclusion – Best WordPress Membership Plugins

By wrapping up the best WordPress membership plugins, these plugin helps to convert WordPress websites into protected website with membership access. We can create unlimited membership levels and content protection with better content delivery options to subscribed members. Moreover, we should use a flexible payment method with easy checkout options. Third-party tools like email marketing services, payment processing gateways, CRMs, and affiliate software integration create better membership sites.

Ultimately, MemberPress is one of the best WordPress membership plugins to create and sell digital products with membership subscriptions. It offers an online course creator with recurring billing options. Moreover, we can sell digital downloads with one-time payment options. Customizable checkout pages are available with coupon codes for membership promotions. Content dripping uses to give scheduled content to the members, making it to be the best WordPress plugin for membership sites.

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