7 Best WordPress Header Plugins for Custom Website Headers

Are you looking best WordPress header plugins to create a custom header for WordPress websites?. Moreover, these plugins help to build the header with navigation menu arrangements. The logo placements and header image can be customized using the header builder WordPress plugins. Some plugins provide a visual editing mode for header customization in real-time. It allows us to create a custom header to match the website theme designs.

Here, we have the seven best WordPress builder plugins to add header scripts and sticky header arrangements. Apart from that, a fully responsive header design shows it better on mobile and other devices. We can add PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML snippets available with conditional logic to help in better performance. Moreover, we can create a fantastic mega menu with dropdown buttons in the header builder design using these plugins.

Top 7 Best WordPress Header Plugins

The Header plugins help to design custom header templates for different WordPress pages. WordPress’s home, archive, blog, and other pages may use a unique header. So, we can choose the target location for header placements using header customization plugins. Moreover, We can customize the site logo, title, tag line, navigation menu, and retina-friendly header image in the header. These plugins automatically inherit the logo and tagline with live customization features.

1. STAX Header Builder

STAX is the header builder plugin for WordPress websites. We can make a custom header with a header template. Moreover, it helps to resize, transparent, and slide up the title on WordPress websites. The STAX header builder has a hundred percent visual editing for creating a custom header with an intuitive user interface. It has complete control of the header to build with website design. Furthermore, we can have multiple headers on the same page. Also, it helps to customize the header and match the website design.

Features of STAX Header builder

  • It is one of the best WordPress header plugins with visual editing.
  • The individual settings are available for mobile, desktop, and tablets with a fully responsive design.
  • We can build great headers with menu, logo, button, and Social Icons.
  • Moreover, it works with any WordPress theme.
  • The advanced drag and drop functionality helps to create an elegant header in a few clicks.

2. Insert Headers and Footers

The Insert headers and footers plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins for creating custom headers. Moreover, it helps to insert codes in the header and footer. So we can add tracking codes like analytics, A/B testing, and custom CSS code. The code snippet plugin helps to manage multiple codes in the header section. Furthermore, we can add PHP, CSS, HTML, and then JavaScript code with conditional logic. Better code snippet management is possible with the insert headers and footers plugin.

Features of Insert Headers and Footers

  • It helps to insert Google analytics code into any WordPress theme.
  • We can add a Google search console authentication code to any theme for verification.
  • The navigation menu generator helps to add tracking codes and then easily add navigation menu locations in your theme.
  • Moreover, we can schedule the cron jobs code in these snippets.
  • It runs the codes only in the WordPress admin area.

3. My Header Footer

My Header Footer is one of the best WordPress plugins that help edit the header and footer. We can customize the header and footer with simple steps using this plugin. Moreover, we can create a great mega menu and dropdown buttons in the header sections. It is also used to add dynamic fields in the header and footer. The fully responsive menu with a device-specific design makes the header more elegant. We can add custom CSS and HTML in the header section. So, we can add multiple headers and footers on every page.

Features of My header and Footer

  • It has the front-end visual builder to create custom headers. 
  • We can create a mega menu with dropdown buttons.
  • The Center logo in the menu is available with a fully responsive layout.
  • We can add videos, Google maps, audio, custom CSS, and then HTML code to the header.
  • It automatically adopts the style of the theme with unlimited header designs.

4. Header Footer Elementor

Header Footer Elementor is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows the creation of a custom header layout. The Elementor editor gives flexibility in the header design. Moreover, we can pick the display locations for headers on different pages. Apart from the header builder, we can add elementor blocks in theme templates. The elementor canvas templates are available to add in the header section.

Features of Header Footer Elementor Plugin

  • The custom header builders automatically inherit the site logo and tag line.
  • Customizer helps to add prefixes, suffixes, icons, and then links in the header section.
  • We can create horizontal, vertical, expanded, and flyout menus with custom icons.
  • The Woo commerce menu cart can be added to the header.
  • It helps add search forms with different layouts, which works well in any theme.

5. Header Footer Code Manager

The Header Footer Code Manager is one of the best WordPress header plugins from 99 robots. It is one of the better header footer code snippet solutions for WordPress websites. We can add analytics and tracking code in the headers and footers. It helps track, measure, and report data by adding codes in the snippet. With live chat features, we can add the monitoring, analytics, and marketing codes in the header.

Features of Header Footer Code Manager

  • It helps to avoid the problems like loss of code during updates.
  • We can avoid multiple plugins with the same functionality with header snippet codes.
  • It uses to manage a large number of scripts with specific pages of the website display.
  • We can add code snippets within the dashboard and then use shortcode to display anywhere.
  • The simple user interface avoids complex codes for mobile and desktop versions.

6. Ultimate Header Builder

The Ultimate header builder Plugin from WPbakery page builder helps to create a header with a mega menu. It uses to create unlimited layouts and styles for the header with a visual composer builder. Moreover, the shortcode option helps to add headers to individual pages. We can add the logo and menu in ten locations in the header. It has the drag and drop header builder for WordPress with Visual builder.

Features of Ultimate Header Builder

  • One-click importer helps to import or export headers we better speed.
  • The responsiveness in the header design makes the website professional and impressive.
  • Unlimited layouts and styles are available to build custom headers.
  • It is easy to customize and fits with any WordPress theme.
  • Multilingual support helps use local language translation easier.

7. WP Sticky one of the Best WordPress Header Plugins

The WP Sticky is one of the best WordPress header plugins that help add a sticky header and menu. This plugin makes any element in the header to be sticky. The header, menu, navigation, and widget elements can be created as sticky using this plugin. We can pick the header element visually to stick all things. It works well with any theme, page builders, and plugins. So, we can create a sticky header with customization options.

Features of WP Sticky

  • We can make any element sticky such as header, call-to-action box, and banners.
  • Moreover, we can position the sticky element at the top of the website.
  • It helps to enable certain screen sizes on specific pages as well.
  • The sticky element’s push-up bars, admin bars, and z-index are available.
  • Dynamic mode allows adding a sticky header in responsive themes as well.

Conclusion – Best WordPress Header Plugins

By wrapping up the best WordPress header plugins, these plugin helps to add custom headers. Moreover, we can customize the header with logo, tagline, site title, menu, and background. The visual header editor in these plugins makes to check real-time modifications. Furthermore, we can customize the header with a mega menu and dropdown buttons. It also uses header code snippets to add analytics and tracking code in the header.

In the end, STAX header builder is the best WordPress header plugin to use multiple headers on WordPress website pages. There are many pre-built headers available with the visual editor. It helps in header and menu customization to match with website design. The fully responsive header templates are available with device-specific designs, making STAX header builder the best header plugin.

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