7 Best AWS Alternatives For Reliable Performance & Maximum Uptime

Are you looking for some best AWS alternatives to buy for your business site? Check the top list of hosting services that offer reliable performance, optimal security, and maximum uptime.

The amazon web services are used for many business applications such as web hosting for software development, eCommerce, Cloud storage, multiple databases, and cloud computing.

These services are useful for the business that runs Software as service, web marketing, e-commerce, etc. The AWS services are available in 80 zones and 25 geographic locations worldwide.

Amazon cloud AWS service includes the following services for business applications.

  • Amazon S3 for web service to store the data and access, 
  • Amazon EC2 for cloud server computing and resource scalability use console and API, 
  • Amazon RDS for multiple databases more than 5 server resource access, 
  • Amazon cloud front for distribution of services faster-using content delivery networks, 
  • Amazon SQS for software development service and Amazon Dev for billing and payment system for eCommerce service.

Why Do We Need AWS Alternatives?

Even though Amazon AWS services have provides many features for business services, we would consider the pricing, especially while running a small business. The computing and deployments of AWS service like EC2 is not simple for small business applications. 

Resource scalability is important for many medium-sized enterprises, but amazon uses its resources by more than 5 different services. So the complexity of choosing the right services and its resource availability for our business is more important.

Sometimes we need to choose the two or more services of AWS; there, we need to scale the resource for cost minimization and unwanted features available for our business again.

Top AWS Alternatives With 99.99% Uptime

Nowadays, there are many managed Cloud hosting services available for our business environment. We need to choose the right one based on the service, customer base, and the tools used in our business. Here we have the top 7 amazon web services alternatives.

1. Cloudways Managed Web Hosting

Cloudways offers managed web hosting for our business services with good reliability, security, and scalability. Cloudways uses the best support for web hosting, migration, and application-level service by enhanced SLAs, email ticketing, and telephonic support for premium customers. The AWS server is also available in Cloudways hosting with a simple managed user interface.

Here we can use any AWS services with the scalable resource by Cloudways managed account. The deployment of AWS services with our business applications such as WordPress, Magento, Laravel, and PHP is much easier with Cloudways managed accounts. Cloudways uses different web servers to the scalability of resources such as google cloud, Vultr, digital ocean, Linode, etc. 

Features of Cloudways managed Hosting.

  • It has 60+ data centres and CDN for data storage and faster delivery to the users.
  • Cloudways has high security with dedicated firewalls, IP whitelisting. It also provides two-factor authentication, regular patching and Bot protection for denial of service.
  • Cloudways uses SSD storage, advanced caching methods such as redis and Nitrix, CDNs and auto heading in managed cloud servers for faster performance.
  • It provides scalability with servers, databases, with one-click application install and its integration with good support.
  • It has the best user interface for application settings, Backup and restores, WP- CLI and root access with custom settings.
  • Cloudways provide free migration with API, cloudways Bot, SMTP, email addon and other application integrations for different business environments.
  • It uses transparency in pricing as well as scalable resources.

2. Google Cloud 

Google cloud web hosting is one of the excellent AWS alternatives for business sites. It provides web hosting for the businesses which provide Software as a service, and it uses search engines, Gmail, Chrome browser, maps, drives, and android for its business services. In addition, Google cloud uses machine learning for cloud computing and its web services.

Google cloud has its resources in 82 zones and 27 cloud regions over 200+ counties worldwide. It uses resource infrastructure, application modernization, and database management for business services. In addition, we can extend the business applications by APIs, Smart analytics, and security available for marketing business services.

Features of Google cloud

  • Google cloud provides business solutions for retail, healthcare, financial services, media and public services.
  • Google cloud is best for data analytics, business application deployment. It uses multicloud with scalable resources.
  • Google uses APIs for the integration of web applications for business services.
  • It uses the virtual machine as compute engine in data centres with scalable cloud storage with cloud CDN available.
  • It uses the cloud SQL for multiple database management and Cloud run for the managed environment for business services.
  • Google Cloud has a free program with 20+ products with compute engine, storage, jquery, app engine, APIs, Workflows and Market place etc.

3. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is one of the best cloud services for business applications management and its data storage. In Digital Ocean cloud services, we can develop web applications, Store and manage the application with scalable server resources.

Digital Ocean web hosting service uses Droplets, Load balancer, Block storage, spaces, managed databases, Kubernetes, API, and integration tools for business services. We can create and run mobile apps and gaming software with faster steaming with digital ocean hosting. The servers are available worldwide and are one of the best alternatives to AWS.

Features of Digital Ocean

  • It has a compute engine with droplets and kubernetes and an application development platform.
  • Digital ocean uses Cloud storage by objects and blocks storage for faster availability.
  • It has multiple database selection option from MySQL, magneto, redis, etc.
  • The firewalls and load balancer can handle high traffic and best protection against DDoS attacks.
  • It uses APIs for Software, web platform and Database deployment and configuration
  • Digital Ocean provides the best service for agencies, developers and startup businesses.

4. Vultr

Vultr is the managed cloud hosting platform for business applications. Vultr hosting its servers are available in 19 locations worldwide. It provides scalable options for server resources with complete dedicated server computation and cloud objects for media storage.

Vultr web hosting has cloud computation with intel CPUs and full SSD storage; It also provides bare-metal service as fully automated dedicated servers with a managed interface. Moreover, it provides the scalable block storage available in its Cloud at a minimum price. We can use the dedicated Cloud to construct the server and deploy it around the world.

Features of Vultr

  • Vultr has a simple and flexible control panel to access your resources and implement the web application in business services.
  • It has one-click deployment for various web platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Etc.
  • It uses APIs for the business application integration with your web platform.
  • Vultr provides easy to use interface for Backup and management of web data for your business application.
  • It provides secured app deployment with maximum uptime and SLAs based site migration.
  • Vultr uses a load balancer to handle traffic spikes.

5. Scala Hosting

Scala Cloud hosting uses SSD storage with full scalability or server resources. Scala Cloud hosting uses all one web hosting platform in which we have a control panel, backup system, ssheild cybersecurity, WordPress manager, and support system. It provides maximum uptime.

We can build a custom server with scalable resources. Our website data are available in three different servers, and it will be automatically migrated for faster availability to the users. It is one of the best alternatives for Amazon AWS.

Features of Scala Cloud Hosting

  • It has both managed Cloud and self-managed Cloud hosting services for business applications.
  • The storage, CPU and rams are fully scalable with price transparency in both VPS and Cloud hosting.
  • A fully managed control panel can provide an upgrade, downgrade, password reset of server resource accessibility.
  • Scala cloud Cpanel has full access to the console and monitor the security operations.
  • It provides 30 days money-back guarantee.

6. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure cloud is the best alternative for amazon AWS services. It uses powerful tools with scalable resources for business applications. Microsoft Azure has 12-month free account access with many web apps. In addition, it provides 200$ credit for cloud usage.

Azure Cloud uses a computer-optimized virtual machine for server computing. It also uses a reserved virtual machine for payment and discount options. It is very useful in eCommerce applications, and its servers are available in 60+ regions worldwide.

Features of Microsoft Azure

  • It has reliable server resources globally with cloud computing.
  • We can deploy a virtual machine in a minute and create open-source applications with leading SQL databases.
  • It uses machine learning and AI for cloud computing and application integration for business services.
  • It provides many services such as app services, kubernetes, spring cloud, and RedHat openshift; all the resources are scalable.
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud used in Cloud hosting to offer services based on the business environment.
  • It is useful to create Software, communication hub, hosted web solutions, etc.

7. Kamatera Cloud hosting

Kamatera cloud hosting services are available worldwide, with 13 data centers across 4 continents. It has good uptime with fully secured server resources in both managed and unmanaged hosting services. In addition, it provides 30-day free trial web hosting services for business websites.

Kamatera cloud hosting services is available for the business hosting services like web servers, application servers, Software development, database, email server, WordPress, ERP solutions, and remote desktop servers. It also provides services for CRMs, VoIP, and backup servers for business applications. It is the best replacement for AWS.

Features of Kamatera cloud hosting

  • It uses a cloud server with intel xenon platinum with 2.7 GHZ speed.
  • It provides SSD storage with cloud objects for data processing and i/o operations.
  • Kamatera uses dedicated resources for its Cloud hosting with firewall protection.
  • It uses 40 gigabytes of public and private networking for a maximum uptime guarantee.
  • Kamera cloud hosting uses a load balancer for traffic spikes and managed cloud service with good tech support.

Wrapping It Up: Best AWS Alternatives

Amazon Cloud AWS is the best for our business application and maintenance. But its wide range of web services and pricing makes to find the best AWS alternatives.

The best features of Cloud web hosting are server computing, Storage, Security, scalability of resources, Managed control panel, and deployment of web platform with business application tools.

The Cloudways hosting service satisfied most of the features with robust business tools integration options. Our business services are available globally with its CDN and data centers in Cloudways.

Also, Cloudways have 5 different servers worldwide for resource scalability, including Amazon AWS. So Cloudways web hosting is the ideal alternative to Amazon AWS. Share your priceless thoughts in the comment section!

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