Astra Vs OceanWP – Which WordPress Theme Is The Real Winner In 2020?

In today’s blog post, I’m going to compare the two WordPress theme giants, Astra Vs OceanWP to see which is the best one that leads the competition with remakable qualities.

Both are popular WordPress themes that can be downloaded for free from the WordPress themes repository.

However, if you get the premium versions of these high-quality themes, then you will adore the functionalities that let you build attractive business sites that could grab huge eyeballs.

I have already written my detailed theme review of Astra and OceanWP, no doubt both the themes have innovative qualities for high search engine ranking, and improved user experience.

Whatever theme you buy, some common qualities that one should look for in a WordPress theme include user-friendliness, compatibility with widgets, speed, number of functions, customer support, and collection of free pre-made designs. 

Choosing between Astra and OceanWP is definitely a painful task because both are well-players of the industry with more than six million installations and thousands of 5star reviews from the users.

Before getting into the detailed battle, Astra Vs OceanWP, just have a look at the simple table where I have compared the essential matters of both themes for WordPress.

OceanWP Vs Astra Theme – Quick Comparision




User Friendly

User friendly theme

User friendly theme 

Speed Test






Pre Build Demos

70+ Tempates

100+ Tempates

Page Builder Friendly

Yes. Compatible with Elementor, Beaver, Divi, Etc. 

Yes. Compatible with Elementor, Beaver, Divi, Etc.

Woocommerce Compatability

Yes. Customization Available. But not like Astra.

Yes. Detailed Customization Available. Also several unique features than any other theme

Header & Footer Builder

You can customize, but no builder availble 

You can customize as per your requirements with the help of header and footer builder

Support and Documentation

Good support and Documentation available.

Premium Support available and also best documentation.

Detailed comparison Of OceanWP & Astra Themes

1. Speed Performance

When speed tests were conducted between both, I found that the Astra theme had a lesser load speed than the OceanWP theme.

So, when it comes to speed performance, Astra theme is the winner. But this does not mean that the OceanWP theme is snail slow, it has a decent speed that bests most other WordPress themes.

Which is the quick loading WordPress theme, OceanWP vs Astra under-speed? Astra theme tops the chart!

Winner – Astra  

2. Page Builder Friendly

OceanWP theme can be customized effortlessly all thanks to the clean and clear code. The theme is highly secured and you can create a stunning looking website with drag and drop page builder options.

Similarly, the page builder made for Astra gives you the option to turn off the page title, sidebar, and opt for the maximum number of tweaking without affecting the outlook.

The user gets complete design freedom with Astra than OceanWP and hence, Astra WordPress theme wins the page builder compatibility war, Astra Vs OceanWP.

Winner – Astra

3. Typography 

With both Astra and OceanWP, you can create a website that can grab audience attention in no time.

With Astra, you can get control over system fonts, google fonts and also can customize as per the site preference.

Likewise, with the OceanWP theme, you can customize the website as per your site’s look and design. Both the theme offers a wide array of excellent fonts and typography.

You get more color control, unique font options from both WordPress templates and shares the winning credit when it comes to Typography.

Winner – Both

4. SEO Friendly 

You can pick any of these themes to get top rank search engine rankings. Both OceanWP and Astra themes are optimized for speed, highly responsive, offer a great user experience, and yes, built with the best SEO practices in mind.

Winner – Both

5. WooCommerce Integration

Both OceanWP and Astra themes integrate WooCommerce beautifully. But with Astra, one can get a stylish, light weighted and super fast website. It is easy to integrate and converts your website for WooCommerce with the Astra theme. Astra supports WooCommerce plugin so that your website can be used perfectly for commercial purpose.

In OceanWP, you have to download and install the WooCommerce plugin to add and optimize the products. You can build the categories and customize the cart display and checkout settings. Readymade Woo-commerce demos are also available here, however, they are not much attractive and feasible.

So, under WooCommenrce compatibility of OceanWP vs Astra, the later one is the real champion. 

Winner – Astra

6. Header & Footer Designs

Astra theme comes with a dedicated site layout module that works well to adjust the header, footer, and design of your site. You can customize and have full control over the footer, header, and also on the background.

Similarly, OceanWP also offers many demos to fix the layout but you don’t have many options to customize the header and footer. Hence, the Astra theme wins the race.

Winner – Astra

Verdict – Astra Vs OceanWP

In the end, the Astra theme is the better WordPress theme. Despite its flaws, its strengths outweigh its flaws; plus the Astra theme has a better advantage over OceanWP.

While Astra may not have as many customization options in its basic version as in that of OceanWP, it compensates with that for more advantages and also offers more customization functions in its pro version. 

What’s more? Astra theme’s greatest strength lies in the fact that it offers a great collection of free demo designs to work with, whereas the OceanWP theme is a bit stingy anf the free demo themes are less.

But despite these analyses, one must try out both WordPress themes if possible because user-friendliness is subjective and hence you will never know which one you feel more comfortable using unless you try them both and see for yourself.

If you ask my suggestion, I would recommend Astra theme for free demo sites, mega menu, custom layout options and for Woocommerce support.

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